10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Joined AXΩ

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Joined AXΩ

By Macie Morris (Beta Psi, Louisiana Tech University)

As I look at this title, it is almost daunting to me. I’ve learned so much since joining this organization four years ago! Where would I even begin? As I reflect on the past few months of working for Alpha Chi Omega headquarters, I can’t help but be taken back to 2016, when I first opened my bid card, knowing what I know now about the opportunities in front of me.

Going through sorority recruitment, I knew that I wanted kind, caring and intelligent women to surround me and inspire me – that’s about it. I didn’t know much more about the sorority experience other than I would most likely find those women there. I didn’t know that I would not only find these amazing leaders and role models, but that they would encourage me to take on multiple leadership roles, take me places that I had never been (literally – miss you, Indianapolis) and give me the opportunity to have my first “big girl” job.

As I was reflecting, I decided to create a list of 10 things I know now about the professional opportunities, personal growth and friendships that I’ve learned from Alpha Chi Omega (in no particular order).Macie and Jari

Don’t be afraid to be yourself – your perspective, life experiences and heart are unique and appreciated by your sisters.

  1. Be brave – you are more capable than you know.
  2. Utilize your resources – lean on your sister-classmates, ask a sister for help if you’re struggling in a certain subject or ask an alumna for career advice.
  3. Be patient – true growth doesn’t happen overnight.
  4. These women will comfort you during the hard times and celebrate you during the happy times – you will cherish them forever.
  5. You get what you put into the experience – I know, I know, it’s cheesy, but it’s so true.
  6. Go to as many events as you can – you will learn so much by surrounding yourself with new people.
  7. Take on leadership roles – you have so much to offer and your sisters believe in you.
  8. Connect with alumnae – these amazing women and sisters have so much wisdom to offer you.
  9. Go for every opportunity you are offered and have fun – these moments won’t last forever.

Macie at headquartersI hope that this short list of things I’ve learned during my Alpha Chi Omega experience so far encourages you to reflect on your past experiences and future opportunities. I am so thankful for the many moments of professional and personal growth that this organization has brought me. It is the greatest gift as a chapter consultant to continue to meet inspiring, encouraging, intelligent and strong women from across the country! Here’s to continuing to grow and learn for each other – thankful I get to do it with my best friends, role models and sisters.