Chapter Consultants 2019-20

Chapter Consultants

Chapter consultants are a time-honored and essential part of Alpha Chi Omega! For more than 60 years, Alpha Chi Omega chapter consultants have been working with sisters throughout the country to create the best Alpha Chi Omega collegiate experience possible.

Who Is a chapter consultant?

An Alpha Chi Omega chapter consultant is a difference-maker, a role model, a problem-solver, a teacher, a project manager, a professional, a sister. As part of Alpha Chi Omega’s professional staff, she is the on-site headquarters representative for our collegiate chapters. A chapter consultant is the in-person support to help chapters effectively recruit potential members, develop leaders, assess operations and educate officers.

What does she do?

A chapter consultant provides leadership, guidance and counsel to assist chapters in reaching their full potential. She advises assigned collegiate chapters on effective chapter management, including public relations, educational programs, administrative operations, and recruitment and retention. A chapter consultant is expected to travel full-time and may be assigned to provide continuous support to specific chapters in one or more locations. There are times the role is asked to fulfill a combination of travel and stationary support. Each chapter consultant is essential in helping Alpha Chi Omega carry out its mission and developing our members as real, strong women. 

For more information about the role of the chapter consultant and how to welcome her to your chapter, review the following documents:

To keep up-to-date with the chapter consultants' travels, make sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and read their blog series, "The Consultant Chronicles."

Curious about how to become a chapter consultant? Click on the Becoming a Consultant tab.


Questions about your consultant visit? Contact Abby Ford, associate director of collegiate experience. If you are interested in starting your career as a chapter consultant, visit “Becoming a Chapter Consultant” to learn more!


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