Giving Societies

Being a leader can be as simple as giving back.

Donating isn’t just personally rewarding. It’s a way to inspire others, while making an impact on Alpha Chi Omega.

Through our annual giving societies, we recognize the members who have chosen to contribute and make Alpha Chi Omega a key part of their lives. These societies are a way to thank you for your generosity, while motivating others to follow your lead and make their own donation to widen our organization’s outreach.

Annual Giving Societies
Three Star
$25,000 and higher
Undergraduate Giving
Scarlet Ribbon Society
25 Consecutive Years
Golden Lyre

$1,000 or more annually in unrestricted support – Leadership Circle
Cumulative giving societies
One-time gifts are significant. Donating over time, though, establishes that you are making a lasting impact on Alpha Chi Omega.
Those individuals who give over time are recognized through the Foundation’s cumulative honor rolls.  These lists are published annually, showcasing the names of those aspirational women who are making Alpha Chi Omega a priority year after year and inspiring others to do the same.

Cumulative Honor Rolls
Seeking the Heights
Mount Olympus

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