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REPRESENT is designed to be a chapter retreat focused on the concept of personal branding and the interaction between our own brands and those of groups to which we belong. The program helps participants to understand how to be the best version of themselves and how to market that to others. In addition, it provides the opportunity to learn more about best practices for marketing the Alpha Chi Omega experience to others and to create an action plan for doing so. In the end, REPRESENT is designed to help members to understand that they are always representing themselves and Alpha Chi Omega.
As a result of participating in REPRESENT, participants will be able to define the components of a brand; describe how brands apply to us as individuals, chapters and an organization; identify the diverse brands that we represent; define the interaction between a personal brand and that of groups to which we belong; illustrate the impact a brand has on the way we act and are treated; and develop an action plan for marketing the Alpha Chi Omega experience to others.
Please contact Jen Wallach, Assistant Director of Education and Leadership Initiatives, with any questions.



InTune is a values-based program designed to help collegians become more familiar with their personal values and explore how individual values impact the chapter and Alpha Chi Omega beyond the chapter/campus. Along the way, we hope each woman will see how the ideals of wisdom, devotion and achievement have a role in her own life and how she can add value to her chapter. This program will also provide the opportunity for chapter members to be reenergized and reinvigorated as they continue to grow together as Real. Strong. Women.

The program is designed to be educational in that it provides life skills and opportunities to learn how to become a stronger chapter. At the same time, InTune provides opportunities for sisters to learn more about one another, to have real conversations with one another about themselves and the chapter, and to spend time growing together as individuals and as a chapter.

The program has a number of opportunities to define the meaning of values, to determine personal values, to determine what the chapter feels it values most and find ways to reach goals set as a group, all with an Alpha Chi Omega twist (keeping in mind the values and characteristics that we all Alpha Chi Omega members share).

Please contact Amy Mustafa, Senior Director of Education and Engagement, with any questions.


Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP)

Over 80% of college students report that they drink alcohol at least once per year, and alcohol use can be associated with a range of consequences, including academic struggles, relationship difficulties, and regrettable decisions.  Many students expect to hear messages like "Just Say No," and evaluations of information-only programs do not show the anticipated changes in behavior.
ASTP has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing alcohol consumption and related consequences.  The program uses motivational enhancement strategies in its delivery to elicit personally relevant reasons to change, and focuses on strategies for reducing risks associated with drinking for those who make the choice to drink.  While the ASTP recognizes that the best way to avoid any negative consequences associated with drinking is abstain, it also acknowledges that any steps toward reduced risks are steps in the right direction.
Please contact Gina Fox, Associate Director of Chapter Operations, with any questions.

Let’s Talk Love

Let’s Talk Love is a program designed to educate members on dating violence, sexual assault, and healthy relationships. The program helps participants understand the warning signs of unhealthy relationships, when and how to intervene when someone needs help, and how to be a supportive friend. In addition, it provides the opportunity to discuss healthy relationships so that members can feel empowered to create healthy relationships of their own in the future.
As a result of participating in Let’s Talk Love, Participants will be able to: identify the warning signs of unhealthy relationships, understand the research on victim response, articulate supportive language to be used during victim response, define the components of a healthy relationship, evaluate their own relationships, and have the knowledge and tools to create healthy relationships in the future.
Please contact Amy Mustafa, Senior Director of Education and Engagement, with any questions.

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