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At Alpha Chi Omega, we’re about finding and developing real, strong women. That’s been our slogan since 2008; it’s been our reality since 1885.

What does that mean for the important woman in your life?
It means she gets to be part of an organization where she can be true to herself, learn how to make the most of her talents and realize her greatest potential—all in her own way.EXPERIENCE Alpha Chi Omega, an overview of our sisterhood
It means she’ll be backed by more than 230,000 other Alpha Chi Omegas offering support, encouragement, inspiration, friendship and fun. 
It means her college education will be enhanced outside the classroom with a four-year learning and leadership program.
It means she’ll have opportunities for lifetime leadership and engagement with real, strong women making a difference for themselves, their fellow members and the world around them.
We’d love to have you learn more about our history, housing, costs, financial aid and more. But most importantly, we want you to know we’re dedicated to helping the most important woman in your life become the real, strong woman she’s capable of being.

FAQs for Parents and Families

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