2018 Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 Alpha Chi Omega Award Winners

Winners in the following categories were recognized during the 2018 National Convention:
Individual Alumna Awards | Alumnae Chapter Awards | Individual Collegiate AwardsCollegiate Chapter Awards | Other Notable Awards 


Award of Achievement

Candice Millard (Omicron, Baker University)
Candice Millard is an initiate of the Omicron chapter at Baker University. Candice is a three-time New York Times bestselling author and has been recognized for her writing, research and journalism talents. She recently concluded a tour with her book Hero of the Empire: The Boer War, a Daring Escape, and the Making of Winston Churchill, and she has also covered Andrew Garfield and Theodore Roosevelt. Her fourth book is now in progress. Candice also spent six years as an editor for National Geographic. Please join me in honoring Candice Millard as a recipient of the 2018 Award of Achievement.
Antoinette Toni Marwitz (Delta, Allegheny College)
Toni Marwitz is an initiate of the Delta chapter at Allegheny College. Upon graduation in 1966, she was offered a position with the U.S. Department of State and soon moved to the Dominican Republic. She went on to serve as one of the chief public affairs officers promoting the Panama Canal treaties before joining the diplomatic corps. Toni advanced in the Foreign Service at a time when women were desperately trying to make strides in the workplace at home and abroad. Toni held assignments in Panama, Liberia, Barbados, Canada and Washington D.C. She advanced into the senior ranks of the Foreign Service before retiring in 2004 as the American consul general in Toronto, Canada.
Valerie Molina Morrison (Theta Sigma, University of North Florida)
Valerie Morrison is an initiate of the Theta Sigma chapter at the University of North Florida. She is a captain in the U.S. Navy and is the Chief Nursing Officer at the world’s largest military medical facility, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. She met a 100 percent recruitment goal while presiding over applications to the Navy Nurse Corps, and every single nurse she oversaw in the Nurse Residency Program passed their boards. Valerie also served as the officer-in-charge at the troop medical clinic in Kuwait, where all troops arrive before deployment to Iraq.

Outstanding Dedication Award

Stephanie York Sibley (Gamma Nu, San Diego State University)
Stephanie has been an active and influential alumna member in the San Diego area consistently for 25 years. As a founding member of Kappa Omicron Kappa, she has provided unwavering dedication to the alumnae chapter’s success. Not only has she held leadership roles in the chapter, including president, she organizes the chapter’s extremely popular event called Art Alive at the San Diego Museum of Art. Stephanie has also helped to establish multiple chapters across the country, and continues to volunteer her time with these chapters as an advisor.

Young Alumna Award

Julie Hall (Theta Psi, Columbia University)
Despite not having a direct connection to Lambda chapter at Syracuse University herself, Julie was the first to volunteer her time and talents and quickly accepted the role of chapter advisor. Since that time, Julie has served as a mentor for the collegiate members of Lambda chapter and as a leader of the advisory board. She has been engaged on the local level of every community she has been a part of, in addition to on the national level as a Ritual and fraternity appreciation specialist and collegiate awards reviewer, not to mention as the collegiate alternate for the National Nominating Committee while she was still a student. She is a Life Loyal member and a Foundation Partner.


Marlene Whitehead Small (Epsilon Lambda, The University of Texas-Arlington)

Marlene is an initiate of the Epsilon Lambda chapter at the University of Texas at Arlington. She has given many years of service to Alpha Chi Omega in the collegiate, alumnae and national levels. Over the past 30 years, she has served as a chapter advisor for three collegiate chapters, including currently for the Iota Sigma chapter, and additionally as a province collegiate chair. A dynamic leader, Marlene also served the alumnae community as province alumnae chair and alumnae chapter president. Marlene has given many hours in national service to Alpha Chi Omega. She has volunteered her time as a two-time member of the National Nominating Committee, as a Foundation trustee, and in a variety of other national committees to provide the best sorority experience to our sisters at all stages of their membership.




Kappa Omicron Kappa (San Diego North Coast, California)


Alpha Chi Alpha (Tulsa, OKLAHOMA)


Kappa Omicron Kappa (San Diego North Coast, California)


Gamma Gamma (New York, New York)


Gamma Upsilon Gamma (Orlando, Florida)


Delta Pi Delta (South Gulf Coast, Florida)


Zeta chi Zeta (Marion County, California)


Alpha Chi Alpha (Tulsa, Oklahoma)


rho Phi Rho (Gamma Omicron Alumnae)


Beta Zeta Beta (Houston, TEXAS)

Domestic Violence Outreach Award

Kappa Omicron Kappa (San Diego North Coast, California)

Foundation Award

Delta Pi Delta (South Gulf Coast, Florida)

Continuing Excellence Award

Beta Kappa Beta (Dallas, Texas)
After receiving the National Council Trophy at the 2016 National Convention, Beta Kappa Beta has continued to pursue excellence. The Dallas alumnae chapter implemented a “new member buddy” program this past year to recruit and retain new members. Beta Kappa Beta hosts an annual Round-Up event to kick off another year of membership as Alpha Chi Omega alumnae. The event invitation is shared with all Alpha Chi Omega alumnae in the chapter's geographic area. Beta Kappa Beta partners with Iota Sigma, the collegiate chapter at Southern Methodist University, to host an annual fashion show and silent auction fundraiser called Alpha Chi Couture. More than 600 people from across the country attend this annual event, and over the past 10 years, more than half a million dollars has been raised.
Mu Mu (Kansas City, Missouri)
Mu Mu is a true example of continuing excellence, as this is the 20th consecutive time this chapter has received the Continuing Excellence Award. Supporting the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation is at the heart of all chapter programming. The chapter contributions to date have placed them as a member of the President's Roll, with donations totaling more than $110,000. The chapter supports seven collegiate chapters.  It provides recruitment support, hosts Hall of Commitment and fosters a relationship with each chapter through the position of the vice president collegiate relations.

National Council Trophy

Sigma Sigma (St. Louis, Missouri)
Sigma Sigma is a model alumnae chapter. It last received the National Council Trophy in 2010 and received the continuing excellence award in 2012, 2014 and 2016. The St. Louis alumnae chapter was selected due to the commitment to all categories of alumnae chapter operations. Along with day-to-day chapter events, Sigma Sigma provides outreach to individual chapter members in need. Members view this as the true essence of sisterhood. Members truly embrace, appreciate and celebrate the fine arts together, and they stay educated on the Foundation’s programs, services and activities.


Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Advisor Award

John Bulcock, Assistant Director for Student Activities for Greek Life and Off-Campus Housing
Over his eight years at Minnesota State University – Mankato, John has provided our Delta Tau chapter with support and guidance to achieve success. He is transparent, communicative and committed to the success of the entire fraternity/sorority community. John keeps the best interests of students at the forefront of his work and advocates for the needs of the women of Alpha Chi Omega to allow them to continue seeking higher heights.

Amy DuBois Reith Emerging Leader Award

Molly Shannon (Zeta Sigma, Missouri State University)
When given a task, Molly meets it with determination and level-headedness. As a freshman, she was elected to serve as assistant new member educator. Molly holds the Zeta Sigma chapter accountable when it comes to both drive and involvement. Her positivity truly sets her apart – regardless of the event or what her other commitments might be, Molly is always the chapter cheerleader. She is a Missouri State University ambassador who provides tours to prospective students, hosts university events and conducts regular student panels to help answer questions for incoming students and their families. She is truly a face of the university.

Estelle Leonard Outstanding Senior Award

Cassandra Wood (Beta Omega, University of Toledo)
In terms of friendship, Cassandra is a true sister to all. She has been a mentor to many women in the chapter and continues to be today. When sisters are in need, Cassandra is there to support them and aide them in any way necessary. Cassandra held the service chair position, revamping the way Beta Omega approached volunteering, pivoting the focus to direct service rather than simply donating funds. She set up a system for volunteering and tracking all service hours, and worked with local organizations to forge partnerships centered on community impact. Cassandra is an amazing team member, friend, sister and supporter.

Outstanding Collegiate Advisor Award

Erin Brudvik (Alpha Lambda, University of Minnesota)
An alumna of the Alpha Lambda chapter at the University of Minnesota, Erin now serves as the chapter’s recruitment advisor. In her role, Erin motivates the chapter to push their expectations and improve their recruitment efforts year after year. Instead of telling chapter members how to act or what to change, Erin creates an environment in which members can reach decisions on their own, empowering them to take ownership of their recruitment. Her work has empowered officers to be better leaders and the entire Alpha Lambda chapter to share a polished and desirable brand to potential new members.


2018 Collegiate Chapter Award Recipients

National Council Trophy

Small chapter: Delta Chi (William Woods University)
Members of the Delta Chi chapter are always being challenged to continuously seek the heights both personally and as a chapter. Delta Chi sisters are especially strong in their leadership and academic skills, having achieved the coveted “top in grades” award from the campus Panhellenic an astounding 17 out of the last 18 semesters! The chapter utilizes things such as the “Delta Chi Daily” email blast from the chapter president, their “communication hallway” in the chapter house and their social media platforms to ensure every member is aware of events going on each day on campus and for the chapter. The chapter says that “friendships blossom daily” for them – sisters are consistently going above and beyond for each other whether it’s a walk to class or picking each other up when they’re down.
Medium chapter: Epsilon Kappa (California State University-Fullerton)
Over the past year, Epsilon Kappa has seen tremendous growth and success in their chapter’s camaraderie, sisterhood, dedication and leadership. The chapter focused this year on recognizing individual member accomplishments. Inspired by the multitude of talents, interests and skills held by each chapter member, the chapter strived to showcase and acknowledge sisters throughout the year. Epsilon Kappa women strive to be well-rounded and are highly visible on campus – involved in everything from student government to the dance team and most recently, the university’s ROTC program. In addition to their campus involvement, Epsilon Kappa boasts 25 percent of its members being recognized on the 2017 university Dean’s List – including two Presidential scholars.
Large chapter: Zeta Sigma (Missouri State University)
The Zeta Sigma chapter strives for academic excellence, promotes philanthropic work and remains involved on its campus and in the community. The chapter has streamlined its communication, has been increasingly intentional about its member programming and is using its non-executive board committees better than ever before. Zeta Sigma has focused this past year on risk management as a result of the current higher education landscape and has prioritized well-rounded education as a primary resource to preventing risky behaviors. In keeping with its continued dedication to the national Fraternity, Zeta Sigma has kept the backstops at the forefront of all their programming, which has made quite the difference in the members’ experiences overall.


Outstanding Collegiate Advisory Board Award

Beta Eta, Florida State University
The Beta Eta advisory board is made up of women who work cohesively and consistently with each other to further the chapter’s success. While allowing the chapter to come to its own decisions, the board provides insight of past successes and failures to prepare members for outcomes of their choices. The board takes a proactive approach, looking ahead to how it can best support chapter life while ensuring collegians follow the policies and procedures of Alpha Chi Omega.

Progress Award

Small chapter: Zeta Upsilon (Case Western Reserve University)
Medium chapter: No 2018 recipient
Large chapter: Delta Rho (University of Arkansas)


Seeking the Heights: Chapter Leadership
Small chapter: Delta Chi (William Woods University)
Medium chapter: Alpha (DePauw University)
Large chapter: Epsilon Chi (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
Seeking the Heights: Chapter Relations and Standards
Small chapter: Alpha Pi (University of North Dakota)
Medium chapter: Iota Sigma (Southern Methodist University)
Large chapter: Theta Lambda (Clemson University)
Seeking the Heights: Chapter Finance
Small chapter: Gamma Tau (Oklahoma City University)
Medium chapter: Gamma Zeta (Kansas State University)
Large chapter: (Delta Rho (University of Arkansas)
Seeking the Heights: Risk Management
Small chapter: Alpha Omega (Birmingham-Southern College)
Medium chapter: Iota Phi (Quinnipiac University)
Large chapter: Alpha Nu (University of Missouri)
Seeking the Heights: Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation
Small chapter: Delta Tau (Minnesota State University – Mankato)
Medium chapter: Beta Nu (University of Utah)
Large chapter: Kappa Tau (University of Connecticut)
Seeking the Heights: Recruitment
Small chapter: Gamma Phi (Lamar University)
Medium chapter: Alpha Beta (Purdue University)
Large chapter: Zeta Sigma (Missouri State University)
Seeking the Heights: New Member Education
Small chapter: Gamma Upsilon (University of Houston)
Medium chapter: Kappa Sigma (University of Southern Mississippi)
Large chapter: Beta Eta (Florida State University)
Seeking the Heights: Public Relations and Marketing
Small chapter: Beta Omicron (Florida Southern College)
Medium chapter: Epsilon Lambda (The University of Texas – Arlington)
Large chapter: Delta Omega (University of Kentucky)
Seeking the Heights: Membership Programming
Small chapter: Delta Kappa (Sam Houston State University)
Medium chapter: Kappa Lambda (University of San Diego)
Large chapter: Gamma Mu (Ball State University)
Seeking the Heights: Panhellenic
Small chapter: Zeta Iota (Stanford University)
Medium chapter: Alpha Lambda (University of Minnesota)
Large chapter: Beta Lambda (University of Arizona)
Seeking the Heights: Intellectual Development
Small chapter: Omicron (Baker University)
Medium chapter: Beta Delta (College of William & Mary)
Large chapter: Alpha Chi (Butler University)
Seeking the Heights: Facility Operations
Small chapter: Zeta Upsilon (Case Western Reserve University)
Medium chapter: Chi (Oregon State University)
Large chapter: Epsilon Phi (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Seeking the Heights: Philanthropy
Small chapter: Alpha Eta (University of Mount Union)
Medium chapter: Beta Rho (American University)
Large chapter: Epsilon Omega (California Polytechnic State University)

Other Notable Awards

Local Housing Corporation Volunteer of the Year

Kim Smith Grime (Epsilon Kappa, California State University-Fullerton)
Kim is an initiate of the Epsilon Kappa chapter at California State University at Fullerton, and has served the chapter as an engaged volunteer for the past 18 years, including service as the finance advisor and house corporation treasurer.  Kim is an active member of the Delta Omega Delta alumnae chapter in Fullerton, California. According to her nominator, her heart print can be found all over the Epsilon Kappa house at California State University – Fullerton. Not only does she flawlessly execute all the various financial transactions of the LHC board including taxes, bill payment and financial planning but she does all those things with a smile and a true love for the chapter. She arrives to meetings with a great, positive attitude and never fails to find ways to connect to the chapter women. She is constantly finding ways to improve the house and the “Kim touch” can be found in so many places in the house. The current board would truly be lost without Kim’s expertise and she deserves to be recognized for all the lives she has touched and all the good she has done during her service at Epsilon Kappa.

Local Housing Corporation Collaboration Award

The Local House Corporation of the Chi chapter at Oregon State University
The LHC of Chi chapter works hand in hand with the active membership in a variety of ways including quarterly board meetings with members of the chapters’ executive board, meetings with the general membership to discuss housing needs and regular time spent working in support of the house director – all to ensure that the needs of the chapter members are met. The LHC is also involved in formal recruitment, ensuring that the house shows at its best and members are able to articulate the value of their home during recruitment. Following formal recruitment, members of the LHC attend the new member parent meeting to walk parents through their relationship to the chapter and what their role will be in their daughters’ lives – the board takes an active role wherever it can to ensure open communication between all parties involved. In addition to their regular LHC responsibilities, they also provide professional development programs including business etiquette seminars, networking and mentorship opportunities, as well as scholarships.

Vision Award

Kaye Schendel, Director of Global Initiatives, Delta Upsilon Fraternity
Kaye Schendel is a leader in the fraternity/sorority industry for advancing service learning experiences for fraternity and sorority members. She works for the Delta Upsilon staff as the Director of Global Initiatives, where she has conducted more than 25 trips, and she created Project Jamaica, hosting 25 more trips for universities and nonprofit organizations. Kaye has been instrumental in the development and execution of Alpha Chi Omega’s collegiate and alumnae global service initiative trips. Serving as a trip leader, facilitator and mentor, she has been an outstanding role model for our members. She has inspired collegians, alumnae and professional staff over her last eight years of involvement with her passion and dedication for community engagement.

Corporate Award

MJ Insurance Sorority Division
This award honors a corporation or business that demonstrates generosity to Alpha Chi Omega through financial contributions or support and also serves a vital role in furthering Alpha Chi Omega’s mission.  The team at MJ Insurance has proven to be a valued partner, willing to engage with staff and volunteers and provide support on a myriad of topics. Further, the staff at MJ takes a consultative approach and genuinely demonstrates their desire to see Alpha Chi Omega continue to succeed. MJ continues to provide exceptional service and is committed to innovation by introducing new services, software and tools to its clients.
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