Housing Appreciation Week 2019

Brought to you by the AXΩ National Housing Corporation


Thank you to everyone who participated in our inaugural housing appreciation week! Check out the recap of the week here in our photo album and keep sharing all your housing photos with the new #AXOisHome hashtag!

ICYMI, here's what our first Housing Appreciation Week plan looked like:

During the week of January 28-February 1, the NHC invites you and your chapter to help us launch the inaugural Housing Appreciation Week!
Housing plays such a valuable role in the total Alpha Chi Omega experience, and we want to showcase why it is so important to our members. This is where you and your chapter sisters come in to help!
Throughout the week we will be highlighting a different housing aspect each day on social media. Here’s how you can get involved in sharing your appreciation!
Post a photo with the new NHC hashtag #AXOisHome and share why #AXOisHome to you!
Give a shoutout to your Local House Corp! #WeAdoreHouseCorp
Show how you make your suite or common area space a home!
Show some appreciation for your house director or chef!
Share why you are thankful for her.
#Tbt! Post a throwback photo from your time living in your AXO Home!


Where is Home for You?

By: Ana Corona (Theta Omega)
Ana reflects on what their brand new house has meant to their chapter.

"...this house has quickly become a glowing promise of safe shores filled with authentic love, sisterhood and too many belly laughs to count."


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