Volunteer Summit

Going Virtual in 2021

Volunteer Summit will happen virtually this upcoming year with the health and safety of our volunteers at the forefront of our minds. This decision was not an easy one to make, and we appreciate your understanding and support as we explore alternative opportunities to continue to provide premier leadership and educational experiences for our members. Volunteers will receive updates when they are available.

Please contact volunteer@alphachiomega.org with any questions.



Karen Walrond

Courage, Values & Inclusion: The Birthplace of Innovation
Karen Walrond spoke about the importance of recognizing everyone’s contributions and creating an inclusive experience – in our collegiate chapters, alumnae chapters, communities, workplaces and all the other spaces we occupy. As volunteers and engaged alumnae of our organization, we are empowered to make sure every voice is heard. Karen’s keynote energized and encouraged volunteers to have the courage to be vulnerable, live our values and include others. When we possess the courage to live our values and create inclusive spaces for all voices, we help develop a birthplace for innovation.

“Vulnerability feels like weakness to us, but looks like courage to others” – Karen Walrond

Dr. Lori Hart

Risk Management Refresh

Dr. Lori Hart spoke to chapter advisors and collegiate volunteers about Alpha Chi Omega’s risk management philosophy. She focused on questions such as “why is risk management important?” and “what is the problem?” Lori helped chapter advisors and collegiate volunteers better understand the intersectionality of public policy, the community, organizations, social networks and individuals when making choices. Her presentation reviewed updated alcohol & drug policies as well as hazing policies through the lens of the new risk management philosophy. Lori equipped chapter advisors and collegiate volunteers with tools and language to confront challenging behaviors and reduce/manage the risk in collegiate chapters.


Jess Pettitt

Conversations That Matter

In her keynote, Jess Pettitt inspired attendees with the words “Good Enough Now”. Taken from her book Good Enough Now, Jess spoke about how to have hard conversations that matter. She helped volunteers understand each other and the members we work with as differently right and inspired us to have conversations filled with confidence, humor and ease. Jess’s keynote helped us better understand ourselves so that we can reclaim responsibility for our behavior response patterns. Equipped with these new understandings, we can have better conversations and fuller relationships with those around us.
“Enter conversations listening as if you are wrong” – Jess Pettitt
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