Volunteer Opportunities

Alpha Chi Omega has many available volunteer opportunities ranging from local to national roles, short- and long-term commitments and with varying alignment to your interest and skills. Please reach out to with any questions regarding volunteer opportunities or the volunteer experienc


If you are interested in volunteering with Alpha Chi Omega, log in to and select “Profile” and then the “Volunteer Interest” tab. Fill out the volunteer interest form to get started!

Explore Open Volunteer Opportunities

Explore Open Volunteer Opportunities

Are you ready to support one of our collegiate or alumnae chapters? The Volunteer Opportunity Search is where you can find ways to get involved and make an impact! Log into My Alpha Chi and select “Open Volunteer Opportunities” from the Directories drop-down.

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Volunteer Roles

Volunteers can support our collegiate chapters through service on the advisory board, serving as the chapter advisor or in a positional advisor role.  Ideally, each chapter would have a positional advisor for each executive board position in addition to a chapter advisor.   

Volunteers serve as chapter officers for each of the local alumnae chapters. Some available roles are alumnae chapter president and treasurer, just to name a few. 

Operational specialists provide support and guidance to both alumnae and collegians on specific topics of interest. Some of our specialist teams dedicate their time to human resources, chapter relations and standards, alumnae engagement and so much more! The specialist teams are a great place to volunteer if you are interested in utilizing a certain skill or part of your work experience.

Alpha Chi Omega's collegiate and alumnae chapters are supported by national volunteers, assigned by geographic regions, called province alumnae chairs (PACs) or province collegiate chairs (PCCs). These essential volunteers are responsible for leading, guiding and supporting the collegiate and alumnae chapters in the province. Province officers serve a two-year term, starting in June 1 of odd years and concluding May 31 of the following odd year.  

The women who serve in these prestigious national volunteer roles have the opportunity to connect, lead, grow and serve by:   

  • Building relationships with members and other national volunteers   
  • Serving as mentors to sisters and resources to the chapters they work with   
  • Strengthening and sharing their organizational knowledge   
  • Enhancing skills that apply to both their professional and personal work   
  • Impacting the lifelong commitment of our members to Alpha Chi Omega   

Additional Volunteer Roles

As a Foundation volunteer, you provide the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation with resources necessary to engage members as donors by empowering one conversation, one experience, one moment at a time.  

Our National Alumna Initiate Program (NAIP) panelists are responsible for recruiting, reviewing, selecting and educating potential alumnae members who hope to join Alpha Chi Omega. Members of the team also serve as ambassadors for NAIP by promoting the program through email, social media and person-to-person interactions.

Each collegiate chapter participates in one of Alpha Chi Omega’s rotational programs each year. Our facilitators travel to chapters and facilitates content while building relationships with chapter members during their visit.

If you are hoping to volunteer with Alpha Chi Omega but can only commit to a short-term role, there are many opportunities available. Our volunteers may provide event support at convention, facilitate Leadership Academy or review awards.

National Leadership

national Board Positions

The Alpha Chi Omega Enterprise is led by four boards of alumnae volunteers – the Fraternity National Council, the Foundation Board of Trustees, the National Housing Corporation Board of Directors and the Pearl Stone Partners Board of Managers. While each board governs a different entity with a specific focus area, all boards share the need for strategic thinkers and visionary leaders.

The recommendation period for board service opportunities is now closed. If you submitted a recommendation, the process for application reviews, interviews and candidate selection will take place March-May 2023. If you have additional questions, please contact Erin West, executive manager. 

National Nominating Committee

The National Nominating Committee supports Alpha Chi Omega leadership needs for the coming biennium by soliciting recommendations, identifying and recruiting Alpha Chi Omega alumnae who are qualified and capable to serve on the National Council, vetting recommended individuals, and preparing and presenting a slate of candidates to serve on the National Council in the next biennium.

The applications period for the National Nominating Committee collegiate member position is now closed. If you have already applied, application reviews, interviews and candidate selection will take place March-May 2023. A member of the NNC will reach out to you soon.

National Leadership FAQ

If you hope to serve at the national level, you could consider participating in our Seeking The Heights To Board Service Educational Experience. Interested in learning more about Alpha Chi Omega’s governance model and requirements and expectations of serving on a board?

Visit our Leadership page to learn more about the volunteers who currently fulfill our national leadership roles.