About the NHC

Mission and history

The Alpha Chi Omega National Housing Corporation (NHC) was formed in 1996 and is responsible for collegiate chapter facilities which are owned, leased or managed by the NHC. The National Housing Corporation is supported by a Board of Directors and professional staff. The Board of Directors provides guidance on the strategic direction of the NHC to the NHC staff who carries out the day-to-day projects. But when we get down to it, the NHC is responsible for the reason #AXOisHome to our members. Dedicated to providing a space for our members to share with their sisters, study, celebrate and make memories, the NHC team is the foundation on which each structure is sustained.


The National Housing Corporation enhances the Real. Strong. Women. Experience by providing safe and competitive facilities where members connect, lead, grow and serve.


Housing Alpha Chi Omega members has been an important component of the experience since our first recorded chapter house in the 1890s. Since then, Alpha Chi Omega has monitored the changes in housing trends and campus climates to ensure we remain a competitive and desirable housing option for our membership. This was done through loyal volunteers at both the national and local level as well as dedicated headquarters staff.
In the early 1960s, a thorough review of the housing committee structure took place and changes were tested and scrutinized over the next decade in an effort to ensure collegiate chapters and local house corporations were getting the support and guidance that was needed. In 1968, the convention body officially established the National Collegiate Housing Committee with six volunteer members.
In 1996, the National Housing Corporation was formed as an Indiana non-profit corporation. The NHC was created as a separate entity to handle issues and activities related to housing on behalf of the Fraternity. Although separate, the NHC is an integral part of the mission of Alpha Chi Omega.
Today, we are just as committed as ever to enhancing the Alpha Chi Omega member experience through the opportunity to share community and sisterhood in a chapter facility.

NHC By the Numbers

NHC By the Numbers

The NHC is proud to work with over 13,000 members in 108 chapters through the management of 77 chapter spaces.

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NHC Leadership

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) Board of Directors provides oversight and guidance on the strategic direction of the NHC and to the NHC staff who carries out day-to-day projects. Both the NHC Board of Directors and NHC staff work to execute the mission statement of the NHC.

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NHC Staff Team

Our housing team oversees many aspects of the properties where our collegians live, under a variety of different housing models. Some of our houses are owned by local housing corporations, some are owned or managed by the NHC. This team can answer questions about all of them.  

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