Why the NHC


Professional Property Management

Our facilities receive professional property management from both our NHC staff team and CSL Management, an operations management company focusing entirely on Greek houses. Together they handle all daily repair and maintenance needs as well as monitor and schedule inspections, preventive maintenance and life safety items. This sounds easy, but what that means is that we are constantly monitoring at least 70 items per property outside of any repair that happens to come in.

Quality Renovations and Improvements

The NHC provides funding and management for property renovations and improvements. These are items that are planned for - such as furniture and paint – and enhance the life span or value of a facility – such as window replacement or flooring upgrades. When NHC staff or CSL make a site visit, we review the property for immediate repair issues but also for capital planning projects. NHC staff also allows the chapter to submit a wish list every year that we compare to our plan to make sure we are including anything the chapter needs. The property visit and wish list helps inform our 7-year capital plan. Depending on the scale of the 7-year estimations, or just vast needs at the facility, we may begin thinking about a major project at that site rather than small items over a number of years.

Future Focused Financial Management

The NHC provides future-focused financial management to all our chapter houses through capital planning, annual operating budget creation and oversight. We are guided by our self-sustaining philosophies and the responsibility we feel to our chapters to plan with their best current and future interests in mind. We strive for all of our facilities to be self-sustaining, meaning their lease payment is enough to cover both their operating budget and meet the reserve goal set for their facility. The reserve goal is determined by facility age, square footage and geographic location.

Chapter Advocacy/ University Support

The NHC provides advocacy for our chapters and university support. The chapter officers stay connected to our staff and are able to share their daily needs as well as their wish lists for future improvements. We stay close to our university partners to ensure compliance with all university and local ordinance expectations.

Local House Corporation Support and Education

The NHC provides support and education to our local house corporations. We communicate with this critical group of alumnae often, providing resources related to trends we are seeing, working with chapters, constructions costs, etc. We also provide model documents such as facility leases and LHC bylaws.