Becoming a Consultant

Applications for the 2025-26 team will open this fall! Are you interested in learning more about the chapter consultant role? Please fill out this interest form or reach out to Taylor Hill, Director of Chapter Support.

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Alpha Chi Omega’s chapter consultant program is an unparalleled professional opportunity for our real, strong women looking to make Alpha Chi Omega a part of their careers and gain unique experience that can be applied to any future endeavor.

Being a chapter consultant means building key professional skills like public speaking, project management, professional writing and communications—all while helping our collegiate members develop leadership skills and assisting collegiate chapters across the country achieve success.

Consultants work with sisters of all backgrounds and from all levels of the organization—collegians, alumnae volunteers, professional staff and organization leaders. These women work independently and remotely, inspiring leadership and impacting the lives of those they work with. Chapter consultants are expected to travel full-time and may be assigned to provide continuous support to specific chapters in one or more locations. Consultants may be asked to fulfill a combination of travel and stationary support. 

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What can you expect as a chapter consultant? Lots of opportunities! Consultants regularly:

  • Travel to various college campuses
  • Build and maintain relationships with collegians, alumnae volunteers and university professionals
  • Meet with chapter officers to assess operations
  • Make presentations and facilitate chapter workshops
  • Train chapter officers and alumnae advisors
  • Provide support in recruiting and retaining collegiate members
  • Assist chapters in complying with Fraternity standards
  • Develop short-term and year-long action plans for chapters
  • Complete reports and administrative paperwork


Being a chapter consultant is an amazing way to sharpen your professional skills and gain experience that will help you succeed in your career. Those skills include:

  • Project and budget management
  • Corporate reporting
  • Conflict resolution
  • Public speaking and group facilitation
  • Relationship management
  • Creative and analytical problem-solving
  • Independent decision-making
  • Interpersonal communication techniques
  • Marketing and event planning

Over the years, Alpha Chi Omega’s consultants have used their experiences to launch careers in fields such as business consulting, education, event planning, fashion, finance, fundraising, healthcare, hospitality, human resources, information technology, insurance, law, management, marketing, nonprofit, politics, public service, sales, student affairs and more. 


  • Must be an Alpha Chi Omega member in good standing with the Fraternity
  • Excellent verbal/written communication and presentation skills
  • Well-organized and able to work while making sound decisions under pressure and within tight deadlines
  • Strong analytical skills, sound judgment, critical thinking and decision-making abilities
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to effectively manage people and situations
  • Ability to take direction from staff members such as supervisors or other organizational leaders
  • Advanced computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Office products and email systems; technical aptitude to learn internal systems and required packages
  • Must be able to travel by air, car and rail up to 100% of position term; have access to insured personal vehicle for work purposes; and possess a valid driver’s license
  • Ability to focus on details, handle multiple tasks and remain highly organized in a fast-paced environment


These are just some of the benefits of being an Alpha Chi Omega chapter consultant:

  • Weekly salary
  • Paid time off
  • Insurance and 401(k) offerings
  • Loaned laptop and wireless hotspot for travel
  • Professional development experiences
  • Networking opportunities with alumnae across the country
  • Lifelong friendships created during travels
  • Opportunity to explore various parts of the country
  • A great foundation for serving as a volunteer for Alpha Chi Omega

If you are interested in learning more about the chapter consultant position, please fill out this interest form or reach out to Taylor Hill, Associate Director of Colligate Experience .


"Few words can describe the unparalleled personal and professional growth I had during my time on the chapter consultant team. I was provided with numerous opportunities to build my professional skills and established relationships with our staff, student leaders, alumnae, and fellow consultants that will last a lifetime. The leader I am today is because of Alpha Chi Omega and this job and I urge any member with just a hint of interest in the chapter consultant role to take that leap of faith - don’t miss out on this opportunity. The chapter consultant role will forever be a memorable piece of my life story and you could one day say the same!"

Autumn Jordan 2020-2022 Chapter Consultant

"During my time as a chapter consultant I gained many personal and professional skills that have positively impacted many aspects of my life. My ability to make connections through conversation and public speaking skills have improved greatly, which have increased my networking power. Through this experience I have gained the confidence to push myself to new heights. I have loved the opportunity to foster growth within myself but also in the women I worked with. I’m so grateful for all the invaluable experiences being a chapter consultant provided me with!"

Kelsey Kover, 2021-2022 Chapter Consultant

"My two years as a chapter consultant were two of the most transformative in my career. I came into the position thinking it would be a really fun chance to travel the country and build relationships with students and alumnae. The relationships that I built with fellow consultants and headquarters staff encouraged me to always go out of my comfort zone on the road and inspired me to pursue a long-term career in higher education. I had mentors along the way that ended up helping me apply to graduate school and eventually land a career working as a fraternity and sorority advisor on a university campus. Being a consultant is not just about the professional connections and experiences you gain but also about the friendships that quite literally last a lifetime. My consultant class sisters are still some of my closest friends (not to mention I have four of them as bridesmaids in my wedding) that are there for me through every phase of my life. Being a consultant is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that made me into the person, friend, sister, and professional that I was meant to be."

Molleigh McCann 2018-2020 Chapter Consultant