Real. Strong. Women.

Founders' Day challenge

We invite you to join us in supporting the dreams of our Founders, the dreams of our sisters and the dreams of our Fraternity by making a gift to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation through the 2015 Founders' Day Challenge.

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“We are honored to recognize these outstanding alumnae who epitomize our Real. Strong. Women. brand. From a scientist and an engineer to a museum curator and a speech coach, these members exemplify a great mix of the skills and attributes we want our members to develop as part of the Alpha Chi Omega experience.”
- CEO/Executive Director Tami Shields Silverman.

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support the future of our sisterhood with a gift today

Your financial support is a visible example of your devotion to our sisterhood and its impact on providing lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning, and service.

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October is domestic violence awareness month!

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Real, Strong Women All Around | CEO/Executive Director Tami Shields Silverman recognizes the extraordinary women committed to the ΑΧΩ experience
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun | Sisterhood event highlights from around the country
Book Club: It's More Than Just Books | Lisa Young Stiers shows us how sisters find connection
Real. Strong. Woman. of Distinction Award | Our inaugural award winners are announced; featured recipient, Zabie Yamasaki, proves anything is possible
Discover our featured Real, Strong Women





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We have updated the process for alumnae and collegiate members to recommend and recruit potential new members. Our recruitment form is now online!

To ease the transition and answer any questions, we're offering new resources as well as online training sessions for your convenience.


Alpha Chi Omega is an organization about you: unique, talented, genuine women looking for a fun and meaningful way to enhance your college experience.

It's also about strength in numbers through the 230,000 real, strong women who stand by your side, cheer you on and lead you to a lifetime of fun, fulfillment, leadership and inspiration. Whether wearing the lyre badge with pride during a ritual ceremony, volunteering at a women’s shelter or networking with sisters across the country to land your dream job, Alpha Chi Omega is a chance to be your real self, while surrounded by sisters who are just as unique.

Join Us

Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of Alpha Chi Omega!

We’re an organization focused on redefining what it means to be a sorority, having real conversations and creating real, strong women. If you’re interested in taking part in these genuine experiences, while remaining true to yourself, Alpha Chi Omega is for you. 

AXΩ Foundation

One of the most meaningful membership experiences is having the opportunity to give back to the organization that has given all of us so much.

Donating to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation isn’t just writing a check. It’s about continuing to connect with an organization that’s provided genuine, rewarding experiences in your life. Our members make contributions both large and small to preserve our legacy, and continue our missions to educate and empower women.

View our 2013-14 Annual Report

Join us in celebrating all who supported our organization and the impact of their financial contributions in 2013-2014.

College Experience

What an amazing time to discover who you are and  what you want to be.

College is full of great experiences - learning new skills, discovering new interests and developing new relationships. The good news is that Alpha Chi Omega not only complements those experiences, but also encourages and creates them.

We offer real experiences, real conversations about what it means to be a part of a sorority. We hope you'll take a few minutes to click on the links to the left and discover how what Alpha Chi Omega offers supports the growth of our members into real, strong women.

Stay Connected

providing connections for a lifetime.

Alpha Chi Omega is something you take with you forever, meaning our alumnae living out their lives as real, strong women are an especially important part of our fraternity. Whether you're just learning about opportunities as a new alumna or you graduated decades ago, we want to continue to be a part of your life! Take a moment to learn more about how we can keep in touch through the years.

Find Us

Alpha Chis know no boundaries. We have collegiate chapters all over the country and alumnae members all over the world.

Our members’ goals and experiences truly take them to new heights, and sometimes it is difficult to keep track of where everyone ends up.

Whether you are looking for a chapter nearby or an old friend, Alpha Chi Omega wants to help. 


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