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Participating in a mentoring program is an extremely effective way for people to develop new skills, achieve goals and identify areas for growth. A good mentoring relationship is mutually beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee and, especially for the mentee, can predict career success.
One of the core tenets of Alpha Chi Omega is wisdom, which is woven throughout our sisterhood and touches every corner of the world. Our collegiate women and alumnae have expressed a need for connection and opportunities to give back to Alpha Chi Omega in meaningful ways that are interactive, engaging, flexible and time-finite. Enter Women & Wisdom.
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Women & Wisdom is an online networking experience designed to connect alumnae and collegians through professional interests and experiences. Alumnae and collegians in their junior or senior year are invited to participate. This interactive experience provides resources and tutorials to help guide mentors and mentees in developing impactful relationships, achieving goals and gaining new skills and competencies.
What Is Mentoring?
There are many ways to define mentoring and mentorship. For our purposes, we define the term “mentoring” as knowledge transfer. It’s an opportunity for the more experienced individual to transfer her knowledge or experience to another. 
Mentoring is different than professional coaching. Coaching is generally a nondirective activity; the focus is on asking questions to help the student solve their own problems and identify their next steps.
Options for Conducting Meetings
While most meetings will be held virtually (via Skype, Google Hangout or over the phone), mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet in person if geographically possible. 
Core Competencies of Mentoring
  • Shares personal career successes and challenges
  • Has the ability to be supportive and authentic
  • Asks thoughtful questions to learn about mentee’s skill sets and professional goals 
  • Actively listens to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth
  • Creates a safe and trusting space to deliver feedback in a respectful manner
  • Demonstrates appropriate and timely follow-through on commitments made to mentee
Benefits of Mentoring
Members who fully engage in the Women & Wisdom experience will benefit in substantial ways, whether she is serving in the capacity of a mentor or a mentee, or perhaps both.
Benefits for Mentors:
  • Share industry passion with others
  • Pay it forward
  • Make a positive impact
  • Develop sustainable connections with Alpha Chi Omega sisters
  • Volunteer with a premier women’s organization
Benefits for Mentees:
  • Career support and guidance
  • Confidence
  • A network of sisterhood
  • An advocate in their industry
  • Skill development
  • Lasting connections with Alpha Chi Omega sisters


The Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity and Foundation are hosting a number of events around the country featuring guest speakers and providing opportunities to connect with sisters in the area. Check back for additional details about upcoming events happening near you! 
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October 23, 2019
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November 6, 2019 
Baltimore area
January 8, 2020 
Scottsdale, AZ 
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Houston, TX
Portland, OR
Minneapolis, MN

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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have additional questions regarding the Women & Wisdom program or events, please contact Arianna Bradley, director of lifetime engagement.
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