Real. Strong. Women.

Alpha Chi Omega makes a promise to empower each member to become the best version of herself.

The Real. Strong. WomEn.® Experience delivers on this promise by providing an environment where members take on the issues and challenges that help them grow into real, strong women who have courage in their convictions and who will effect change in the world.

For some, their Real. Strong. Women. Experience began when they joined a group of women who shared their values and an organization that reinforced their resolve to grow and develop during their collegiate years. For others, their Real. Strong. Women. Experience began as an alumna initiate when they joined an organization that supports lifetime opportunities to connect, lead, grow and serve. Perhaps you are a real, strong woman seeking an organization that will provide such an experience. Regardless of where and when you first benefited from the Real. Strong. Women. Experience, it continues, providing an ever-growing network that helps you realize your full potential and supports you throughout your life.

The Real. Strong. Women. Experience provides structured programming and a community environment that empowers women to take on issues and challenges that help them live as real, strong women. Through this experience, collegiate and alumnae members are able to reach their full potential. The world will never stop evolving – so the Real. Strong. Women. Experience prepares our members to evolve with the world and continue to lead change in it.

Where will your Real. Strong. Women. Experience take you?

As an organization serving women, we see the potential in each of our members—the real, strong version of the woman she is meant to be.


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