Missions & Values

Alpha Chi Omega is a four-part organization consisting of the Fraternity, the Foundation, the National Housing Corporation and  Pearl Stone Partners, LLC. Together, they work to carry out our missions and values while supporting our members and their philanthropic efforts.

Our Mission
The Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity is devoted to enriching the lives of members through lifetime opportunities of friendship, leadership, learning and service.
The Alpha Chi Omega Foundation serves to support the educational and philanthropic purposes of Alpha Chi Omega through effective fundraising and stewardship of financial resources.
The National Housing Corporation promotes, supports and develops appropriate, desirable and safe facilities to enhance the Alpha Chi Omega experience.

Pearl Stone Partners, LLC delivers comprehensive human resources services and supports employees and those who direct them, to enhance the Real. Strong. Woman. Experience.
 2015-2020 strategic plan
Alpha Chi Omega’s vision is to see ever-increasing numbers of qualified women select Alpha Chi Omega and make it an integral part of their lives.
Strategic Plan
To fully realize our vision, the leadership of Alpha Chi Omega aligns its efforts with initiatives outlined in the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, highlighted here.
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