Statements of Position

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Alpha Chi Omega does not condone unkind, undignified or humiliating activities. Members of Alpha Chi Omega must not conduct hazing activities. Chapters of Alpha Chi Omega must include in their bylaws a statement prohibiting hazing and/or demeaning activities. Alpha Chi Omega considers hazing to be a form of domestic violence.

Freedom of Association

Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 as a women’s organization. Alpha Chi Omega supports the right of women to freely associate. The essence of freedom of association is the right to select those with whom to associate and the right to have that selection be single-gender. Alpha Chi Omega is committed to protecting the right of Alpha Chi Omega chapters to be single-gender organizations.

University Recognition

Alpha Chi Omega believes that the fraternity experience is inseparably linked in interest and association with the university community, and strives to be officially recognized by the host institution. If circumstances would arise that the university’s demands would be seen as intrusive upon the national Fraternity, Alpha Chi Omega would take responsibility to determine its existence at the respective institution.


Alpha Chi Omega does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation, religion or other characteristics protected by applicable law. Women, including those who live and identify as women, regardless of the gender assigned to them at birth, are eligible for membership in Alpha Chi Omega based solely on five membership standards.

The National Membership Standards are: 1] academic interest; 2] character; 3] financial responsibility; 4] leadership ability; 5] personal development.

Alpha Chi Omega remains, as it always has been, a women's organization. Those assigned female at birth who live and identify as men are not eligible for membership. 

Alcohol and Drugs

Alpha Chi Omega expects members to abide by all federal, state, local and college/university regulations with regard to the use of alcoholic beverages and possession and/or use of any and all illegal drugs. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs may not be stored, served or consumed on any property designated for regular use by Alpha Chi Omega chapters and colonies.

Human Dignity

Alpha Chi Omega supports the statement on human dignity and sexual harassment endorsed by the National Panhellenic Conference members groups, “that college women should have a positive influence in the direction and achievements of the university community and that activities should promote self-worth, human dignity and a positive fraternity/sorority image.”
The dignity of the individual is a basic element of a civilized society. Individual self-worth is a necessary factor in establishing healthy relationships. All activities, including acts of hazing, activities based in a negative manner on gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability or sexual orientation, and competitive games that are destructive, demeaning or abusive, and promote a negative image of the fraternity and sorority community.
Participation in such activities that are demeaning to the individual do not promote a sense of self-worth nor a positive fraternity/sorority image, and do not reflect the high standards, core values and ideals maintained by Alpha Chi Omega.
Therefore, Alpha Chi Omega does not endorse or support activities that are demeaning in nature, do not respect the dignity of the individual, cause disharmony among NPC groups or whose purpose is counterproductive. Further, Alpha Chi Omega advocates education on the Fraternity and chapter level to promote positive self-esteem.


Alpha Chi Omega prohibits acts of harassment or bullying. Harassment or bullying is any gesture or written, verbal, graphic or physical act (including electronically transmitted acts (i.e., Internet, cell phone, personal digital assistant or wireless handheld device) that is reasonably perceived as being motivated either by an actual or perceived characteristic, such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression; or a mental, physical or sensory disability or impairment, or by any other distinguishing characteristic. Alpha Chi Omega members should promote a safe and welcoming environment to its members.
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