Strategic Plan

Alpha Chi Omega: Beyond 2020

Alpha Chi Omega is an affiliated organization comprised of four distinct legal entities: the Fraternity, the Foundation, the National Housing Corporation and Pearl Stone Partners, LLC. When considered as a whole, our national organization is referred to internally as the Alpha Chi Omega Enterprise, which captures the sense of connection, teamwork and collaboration across the entities and functions that permeate everything we do. While each entity serves a distinct purpose, they work interdependently to achieve the vision, advance the missions and emphasize the core values of Alpha Chi Omega.

In 2020, Alpha Chi Omega refreshed its vision and mission statements. With these vision, mission, brand and core value statements as guiding forces for our strategy, the Beyond 2020 Strategic Framework retains the four interdependent focus areas from the 2015-20 Enterprise Strategic Plan.


To cultivate an environment of ongoing research and analysis and proactive adaptation to capitalize on opportunities and challenges facing the Enterprise


To expand Alpha Chi Omega’s capacity and impact


To increase stakeholder engagement and the number of members enjoying the society of their sisters and sharing talent, time and treasure with Alpha Chi Omega throughout their lifetime


To optimize our Enterprise resources
In order to allow future leaders to determine when it best serves Alpha Chi Omega to review and update objectives and strategies again, a specific timeline is not outlined for this framework.

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