Headquarters staff

Headquarters Staff

Alpha Chi Omega would have a hard time existing without the savvy professionals who keep things running smoothly at our Indianapolis headquarters.

These ladies (plus a few good men) work with our boards, chapters and members to meet the needs of all areas of the organization, including housing, collegiate and alumnae experiences, and the Foundation.
Large portions of our staff are initiates of Alpha Chi Omega from chapters across the country. Others are Panhellenic sisters. Some are alumna initiates. All of them, though, are people like you who are dedicated to Alpha Chi Omega and love working with its members.


Here’s an overview of our staff—and a few personal tidbits to help you get a conversation started!

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She who knows all
If this were a hospital, she’d be the triage desk. If this were a railroad, she’d be Grand Central Station. If this were Heaven, she’d be St. Peter (we think she is, actually). But this is Alpha Chi Omega. And this is who’s at the front desk, answering the switchboard, relaying emails and otherwise fielding inquiries from callers, visitors and virtual guests. She’s also been here the longest of any staff member. Oh, the stories she could tell!
Chapter Consultants
Alpha Chi Omega chapter consultants are the front line of the organization. Sometimes they are the only alumnae our collegians ever meet (unfortunately). They sacrifice a lot to support our collegiate chapters, especially luggage space and home-cooked meals! Chapter consultants are the first point of contact for our collegians.
Find out which consultant works in your region, and reach out to her today, even just to say hello and keep her spirits high on the road.
Collegiate Experience
Your collegiate experience team oversees many aspects of collegiate life within Alpha Chi Omega—recruitment, Ritual, risk management, training, leadership development, chapter operations, chapter finances and more. If your question or idea involves college life–with the exception of housing–this is a good place to start. 
Lifetime Engagement
Alpha Chi Omega is not just about college. It’s about forever. Our organization is designed to provide opportunities, connections, programs and resources at every stage of our members’ lives. Our lifetime engagement department is here to serve the needs and interests of our alumnae. If you’re an alumna and want to get involved, connected and otherwise engaged, these are the women you need to talk to.
Education and Leadership Initiatives
Alpha Chi Omega knows that in order to foster an environment of real, strong women, we need to provide education and leadership opportunities and experiences. Amy Colvin Mustafa, along with her team, is guiding the direction of our collegiate education and leadership experiences.
Alpha Chi Omega can’t help without your help. That’s where the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation comes in. Under the direction of the Foundation board and committees, our team raises money, stewards it wisely and administers the grants we make for scholarships, educational programs and our philanthropies. Whether you would like to leave a million-dollar legacy or invest $50 per month in the real, strong women of Alpha Chi Omega, this is the group of women who can turn your philanthropic dream into reality. Here’s some information about our Foundation team.
Your housing team oversees many aspects of the properties where our collegians live, under a variety of different housing models. Some of our houses are owned by local housing corporations, some are owned by the National Housing Corporation (NHC) and others are managed by the NHC. Our staff members’ roles change depending on which model is used on a particular campus. If your question or idea involves housing, there are the women who can help. 
Marketing and Communications
Think of the brand that drives Alpha Chi Omega: Real. Strong. Women. The magazine that arrives in your mailbox: The Lyre. The biennial celebration: Alpha Chi Omega National Convention. Even the website you’re using. Communicating with you is a critical function of Alpha Chi Omega, and the job falls to our marketing and communications director and her team. Here’s the lowdown on who does what—plus a few personal tidbits to spark your next conversation with us.
The operations department keeps headquarters running, from the mail room to the maintenance room, and even down to the archives (there a lot of cool items in there!). 
With three corporations operating under differing federal regulations, more than 220,000 initiated members, a national housing operation, a multimillion-dollar Foundation endowment and a 40+ person staff, Alpha Chi Omega is a big business with tens of thousands of transactions annually. The job of keeping all that straight falls to our chief financial officer and the finance team. If you’re an Alpha Chi Omega financial partner, vendor, collegian, alumna or parent, these are the women who manage the dollars and pinch the pennies.
Information Systems
Let’s face it: nothing works without computers and databases, including Alpha Chi Omega. And our computers and databases wouldn’t work without our information systems department. Meet the go-to person for all of our technological needs, Information Systems Director Shawn Wheeler.
These are the women who work for everyone else at Alpha Chi Omega—serving the boards, volunteers, members, staff, families and friends.

What’s a headquarters without a hardworking, dedicated staff? The human resources team supports the Alpha Chi Omega headquarters team through hiring, onboarding, benefits, payroll and continuing education. 

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