Taylor Moody

Taylor Moody

Associate Director of New Chapter Development

Zeta Sigma (Missouri State University)

Contact her about: New chapters and all things related to new chapter development

Who has influenced you the most in your life? My little sister has always been an influence in my life. She is a huge reason I push myself to succeed in hopes that she will always know that she can do anything she puts her mind to. I would not be the person I am today if I was not her big sister!

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day? Dolly Parton’s personal assistant. I’d love to meet and hang out with her for a day!

Are you an early bird or a night owl? I’m a morning person through and through – my brain is useless after a certain time in the evening!

Professional experience: Upon graduation from Missouri State University, Taylor served as a resident chapter consultant for a year and a half, serving both our Kappa Chi and Delta Omega chapters. Taylor transitioned to staff full time as the assistant director of new chapter development and currently serves as the associate director of new chapter development working remotely from Southeast Missouri.

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