Laura Knobel

Laura Knobel

Assistant Director of Lifetime Engagement

Iota Alpha (Alumnae Initiate)

Contact her about: Alumnae chapter operations and alumnae Lyre Links, alumnae individual and chapter awards, alumnae chapter establishment, the National Alumnae Initiate Program, completing recruitment recommendation forms

If you could be an expert in something, what would it be? Cars. I’d love to stop having to bother my dad (who is a mechanic) every time my car makes “that one sound that goes like this…”

Who has influenced you the most in your life? My husband. He has always seen me for who I truly am and he has taught me to be a more patient, spontaneous person

What led you to this career?  I was already heavily involved with Alpha Chi Omega as an alumna volunteer. I really believe in the power of our sisterhood to last a lifetime, and when the opportunity came up to work with alumnae chapters and the National Alumna Initiate Program (I’m an alumna initiate myself), I knew I couldn’t pass it up! Alpha Chi Omega is truly not just four years, but for life.

Professional experience: Laura received her M.S.Ed. in higher education administration from the University of Kansas. She worked in student affairs for several years in the areas of student involvement, orientation, fraternity and sorority life, and leadership programming. She then spent time in the non-profit world and in property management before joining the staff at Alpha Chi Omega.

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