National Council

The National Council is composed of dedicated volunteers who are elected to two-year terms at the biennial convention.

These six women are the visionaries, leaders and ambassadors of Alpha Chi Omega’s past, present and future. They direct Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity, Inc., always mindful of the organization’s strategic plan. The real, strong women who serve on the National Council are initiates of chapters across the country and reflect different professions and backgrounds.  

Six women are elected to the National Council at each national convention. These women serve as the Board of Directors for a two-year term. 

Recommending individuals to be considered for the National Council is each member’s privilege and responsibility, and candidates are vetted by the National Nominating Committee in advance of convention. Click here to learn more about this national leadership volunteer opportunity, Alpha Chi Omega’s governance model, characteristics of an exceptional board and the recommendation and slating process.

Meet our current National Council:


Lynne Herndon

National President (BOT Trustee)
Alpha Upsilon (The University of Alabama)
Did you know? The three words Lynne uses to describe herself are driven, decisive and fair.

Mari-jean oswald Siehl

National Vice President (Secretary/Treasurer)
Alpha Omicron (The Ohio State University)
Did you know? Mari-jean served on the Pearl Stone Partners Board of Managers during its first years.

Jari Askins

National Vice President (PSP Manager)
Psi (The University of Oklahoma)
Did you know? Jari has served in all three branches of government in Oklahoma.

Mikelle Holt Brady

National Vice President (NHC Director)
Alpha (DePauw University)
Did you know? Mikelle says her solo travels have provided her with the opportunity to learn about herself.


Cassie Gerhardt

National Vice President (BOT Trustee)
Alpha Pi (University of North Dakota)
Did you know? Cassie works with fraternities and sororities on a daily basis as the associate dean of students at the University of North Dakota.

Jill Sabatino Lacy

National Vice President (BOT Trustee)
Gamma Mu (Ball State University)
Did you know? Jill is president of the Lacy Foundation, supporting Indianapolis in efforts to become a world-class city.
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