Alumna Initiate Program

The National Alumna Initiate Program extends our membership experience to real, strong women in our communities who were not members of another sorority as collegians and who have an interest in joining an organization that supports lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning and service.
Women we’ve welcomed through this program have included our friends, family members and other women who have made a difference in their communities, in their professions and in the lives of others. Approval is based upon our membership standards: academic interest, character, leadership ability, financial responsibility and personal development. We encourage our alumnae initiates to either join an alumnae chapter, volunteer with a collegiate chapter, give to the Foundation or participate in some way with Alpha Chi Omega once initiated.

Who would make an ideal alumna initiate?

  • woman looking for a lifelong commitment to the sisterhood, whether she is a friend, sister, mother, grandmother, other relative, faculty member, advisor, housing staff or outstanding community member
  • Someone who is interested in working with and/or mentoring young women
  • She has completed at least four years post-secondary school
  • She has attended at least one year of college during her lifetime
  • She was never initiated into another National Panhellenic Conference organization (NPC)

What are the benefits of becoming an alumna initiate?

  • network of sisters and friends who will support you in achieving your personal and professional goals, throughout your lifetime
  • The chance to engage in the bonds of sisterhood with a local alumnae chapter
  • The ability to volunteer at the collegiate, local and national levels
  • The opportunity to make a difference using your talents, hobbies and other life skills in everything from fundraising to volunteer activities
  • Involvement with our national philanthropy, domestic violence awareness
If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an alumna initiate of Alpha Chi Omega, continue reading to learn about the steps involved in our alumna initiate process. Questions may be directed to our lifetime engagement staff.


  1. Apply – The candidate will fill out an online alumna initiate application.
  2. Sponsor (individual) – Each candidate should be sponsored by an Alpha Chi Omega member in good standing. The sponsor completes the online sponsorship form.
  3. Sponsor (group) – In addition to the individual sponsor, each candidate must be sponsored by a collegiate chapter, alumnae chapter or group of alumnae. The group completes the online group sponsorship form.
  4. Interview – The candidate will talk, typically by phone, with one or two members of the National Alumna Initiate Panel. This is an opportunity for her to get to know a few alumnae and learn more about the process. The panel members will ask why the candidate wants to be a member of Alpha Chi Omega, as well as let her know how they can serve as a resource to her. The National Alumna Initiate Panel will then review and approve or deny the candidate’s application.
  5. Education – If approved, candidates will be paired with an alumna educator to learn more about Alpha Chi Omega. The educational process involves a mix of conference calls, Skype sessions, one-on-one meetings and/or emails to make the process as convenient as possible.
  6. Exam – After the educational materials have been fully reviewed, the candidate must take an initiation exam. Passing the exam with a minimum score of 70 percent successfully completes the education portion. The collegiate chapter, alumnae chapter or a group of at least seven Alpha Chi Omega members may then initiate the candidate.
  7. Financial obligations – Candidates will be required to pay an alumna initiate new member fee of $175 to begin the education process and, once the exam is passed, purchase a badge for initiation (prices begin at $100).
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