Start an Alumnae Chapter

Alumnae chapters are an extension of the Real. Strong. Women.® Experience and we love to welcome new alumnae chapters into our network.

An alumnae chapter may be established when a national volunteer or staff member identifies an area that may be able to support a new chapter, or when a group of at least 15 alumnae desire to come together and affiliate as a formally recognized alumnae chapter. These chapters host events related to our Ritual and philanthropic initiatives, build sisterhood and create instant connections for members in their community, making a move to a new city or transitioning from college to career.

To find out if an alumnae chapter already exists in your area, please check our directory.
Alumnae wishing to establish or reestablish an alumnae chapter should consider:


  • Location—a chapter with members from various chapters of initiation who congregate based on their geographic area; they may support a collegiate chapter of their choosing, typically whichever is closest to them
  • Affiliation—a chapter with members who are all from one chapter of initiation; they may support the collegiate chapter where they initiated
  • Area of interest—a chapter with members who gather around a shared interest or lifestyle, such as the Stars and Stripes chapter for military members and spouses


  • Physical—a chapter that meets and hosts events in person in a specific location; an ideal format for alumnae who are seeking sisterhood and networking with sisters from various chapters of initiation who live in their city or community
  • Virtual—a web-based chapter that utilizes social media, video calling, phone calls, email and snail mail to conduct all business and social interactions; an ideal format for alumnae who live in remote areas or travel frequently or for bringing together alumnae from a single chapter of initiation
Please download this printer-friendly guide for alumnae chapter establishment for a full explanation of the establishment process.  

Questions? Please contact the lifetime engagement department.
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