Membership Milestone Celebrations

Membership Milestones

Each year, we like to recognize and honor our members as they reach their 10-, 25-, 50-, 60- and 75-year anniversary milestones. Every milestone is a special opportunity to share laughter, sisterhood and memories of the bond over the years.

How are members notified?

Members celebrating their 10- and 25-year milestones receive an email at the beginning of the year, indicating if they are celebrating their milestone.
Members celebrating 50-, 60- and 75-year milestones receive a mailed letter at the beginning of year, indicating if they are celebrating their milestone.

How do I receive my pin?

Members celebrating 10-, 25-, 50-, and 60-year milestones may order their pin directly from our jewelry vendor, Herff Jones.
Alpha Chi Omega honors its 75-year members by giving members their pin as a gift from the Fraternity. To receive your 75-year membership milestone pin or to learn more about it, members can contact October Davis at 317-570-5050 or via email.

What if I already passed my milestone year?

Alpha Chi Omega recognizes that time can fly by and members may miss the opportunity to purchase a pin in the exact year they are celebrating their milestone. We encourage all members interested in celebrating their milestone to purchase the milestone pin(s) they feel best represents their membership. If a member is celebrating their 59th year of membership and would like to purchase their 50-year pin and 60-year pin (in preparation for the upcoming 60-year anniversary), we support their enthusiasm and desire to celebrate!

Is there a ceremony that goes with the pins?

Each milestone has a corresponding ceremony. Alumnae chapters are encouraged to coordinate and present the ceremonies to alumna recipients, but we know this is not always possible for members without an active alumnae chapter in their area. The ceremonies are open and can be performed and attended by non-members of Alpha Chi Omega. For more information regarding the ceremonies, please see the Ritual and Ceremonies on the Resource Center
For more information regarding the membership milestone program, contact October Davis, assistant director of volunteer management.
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