Giving Opportunities

Alpha Chi Omega Foundation’s various funds help you direct your dollars to the efforts you feel most passionate about, giving you the power to guide Alpha Chi Omega into the future.

Real. Strong. Women.® Fund

Donations to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation without a designated purpose fall into this fund. Your contribution automatically goes to the areas with the greatest need, meaning you’re making an impact right away.
Money in this fund is used to address new needs in our educational programming, developing ways to help our members through an ever-changing college experience. In addition, these funds go toward scholarships, programming, philanthropy, and programs and resources to help us recruit the next generations of real, strong women. 

General Endowment 

Fundraising, while necessary and beneficial, does come with a price tag. Money in our general endowment helps offset these fundraising expenses and the cost of operating the Foundation. The greater our general endowment, the more donated money we’re able to put toward our amazing programs and services that impact our members every day.

Endowed Funds

Endowed funds are a rewarding way to make a huge impact in the lives of your Alpha Chi Omega sisters—all while establishing an important legacy.

Individuals, families, friends, organizations and chapters have the option to create an endowed fund in their name or as a way to honor or memorialize a loved one. These funds are managed by the Foundation and require a minimum amount (currently $25,000) to establish, which can then be designated for an educational or charitable use of your choice.

This principal investment should be added to over time in order to make the greatest amount of impact for generations of members, especially as the cost of education continues to rise. 

There are several types of scholarships and grants you may create as an endowed fund via our Foundation.

Domestic Violence Awareness Fund 

Since 1992, Alpha Chi Omega has dedicated its philanthropic mission to aid survivors who are affected by domestic violence. Our efforts include educational programs, donations to programs that aid victims and their children, and service at shelters.
The Jessie Bliss McGrew Freedom Fund was endowed by David Whitney in honor of his mother, an initiate of Xi (University of Nebraska), who was a victim of domestic violence. Fundraising efforts led to an initial endowment of $60,000. This fund helps support the domestic violence awareness efforts of the Fraternity and when money allows, this fund makes grants to outside organizations across the nation. 
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