Disaster Assistance

Sisters Helping Sisters During Times of Disaster

Donating to Help Sisters in Need

One of the most meaningful aspects of membership in Alpha Chi Omega is the comfort of knowing you have the support of loyal sisters through life’s unpredictable moments. We know our members face ups, downs and events that will significantly alter their lives. Alpha Chi Omega has established member assistance grants as a way for sisters to make tax-deductible donations to help sisters in need. Several member assistance funds are endowed to provide funding annually for collegiate and alumae members facing financial difficulty due to life-changing circumstances. 

Natural disasters come in all shapes and forms, but tend to impact larger numbers of our sisters at one time. Our disaster assistance funds are designed to allow sisters to make donations that they can be assured will go to help assist sisters during the next big natural disaster!

In light of the increasing number of natural disasters impacting our sisters, we have established a general Disaster Relief Member Assistance Fund to support victims of current or future natural disasters.
To make a donation to the Disaster Relief Member Assistance Fund, click here.

To make a donation to the Hurricane Harvey Member Assistance Fund, click here.

To make a donation to the Hurricane Irma Member Assistance Fund, click here.

Are You a Sister Impacted by a Recent Natural Disaster?

Are you experiencing significant financial difficulty due to a recent natural disaster? Alpha Chi Omega member assistance grants are designed to give you a helping hand during difficult times - and our special disaster assistance funds are design specially for sisters impacted by natural disasters.

Grant amounts vary depending on the established criteria of endowed funds, distribution amounts from those funds approved by the board of trustees, and current donations to the disaster assistance funds. 

These grants are intended for members facing extreme financial emergency in meeting their basic needs of life (food, shelter, medical expenses, etc.) and cannot be used to pay dues and fees associated with Alpha Chi Omega membership. Applicants must be members in good standing.

To apply for a member assistance grant, click here.

For questions related to disaster assistance funds or other member assistance funds, contact Elizabeth Donaldson by email or phone, 317-579-5050 x262.
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