Chapter Giving and LPI

Alpha Chi Omega chapters are a major piece of our philanthropic efforts. These chapters are where many members first learn about our philanthropy and develop close bonds with the Foundation.
Chapters work to raise money for the national organization, as well as our philanthropy and an adopted local initiative. 

Annual Chapter Foundation gift

Each year, chapters give an undesignated donation to the Foundation through allocated or raised funds. These donations make an impact on the chapters and their members through Foundation-funded programs and grants.

You can now access chapter gift forms online here. 


As a collegian, the Scarlet Ribbon Society is the perfect opportunity to begin giving back to Alpha Chi Omega.
With a gift of $18.85 you can join our annual collegiate giving society, the Scarlet Ribbon Society.
Scarlet Ribbon Society members will receive a ruby dangle to wear proudly on her badge. 
Click to join the Scarlet Ribbon Society today!


The Local Philanthropic Initiatives Fund (LPI) is the perfect giving opportunity for our chapters and individual members to support both our national philanthropy, domestic violence awareness, and Alpha Chi Omega’s number one altruism, the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation.

When a chapter or member raises money through their philanthropic efforts, they can use the LPI process to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation and the remainder will go to their local shelter. Chapters and individuals will get full recognition for all of the funds raised.
Our chapters are making major moves in their communities and in the lives of sisters all over the country by supporting their local shelters and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. 
No matter the size of your chapter’s philanthropy event you can still use the LPI process to have a great impact!

To complete your LPI application, click here.

Contact Anne Stone Curosh, Associate Director of Advancement - Annual & Chapter Giving, to begin the LPI process.
For more information on how fundraise through LPI as well as frequently asked questions regarding the benefits and process of fundraising through LPI, please look through the following documents. 

LPI Instructions

Each year, our chapters spend countless hours and resources to host successful philanthropy events. Many of these chapters choose to donate the funds through the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation’s Local Philanthropic Initiatives (LPI) Fund. This allows chapters to give back to both their local shelters and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation.
To recognize these chapters for all of their hard work and support, we will be featuring a chapter each month in our LPI spotlight!
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