Pathway Garden

Looking for the perfect graduation, birthday, anniversary or thank you gift? Honor those special Alpha Chi Omega women in your life with a commemorative brick in the Pathway Garden at headquarters.
Our beautiful Pathway Garden honors our Founders and those who continue to believe in our future.  Proceeds from brick contributions are allocated to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation to help ensure our organization continues to deliver outstanding experiences for our current members and the thousands of young women who will follow in their footsteps.
Pathway Garden bricks are offered in two sizes. A 4” x 8” brick is available with a $200 contribution, and an 8” x 8” brick is available with a $500 contribution.
If you wish to honor a special sister in this way, simply complete the online order form below. Contributions to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


4x8 Brick
4x8 Brick


Feel free to copy letters of the Greek alphabet below:

Α α Alpha
Β β Beta
Γ γ Gamma
Δ δ Delta
Ε ε Epsilon
Ζ ζ Zeta
Η η Eta
Θ θ Theta
Ι ι Iota
Κ κ Kappa
Λ λ Lambda
Μ μ Mu
Ν ν Nu
Ξ ξ Xi
Ο ο Omicron
Π π Pi
Ρ ρ Rho
Σ σ Sigma
Τ τ Tau
Υ υ Upsilon
Φ φ Phi
Χ χ Chi
Ψ ψ Psi
Ω ω Omega
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