Foundation-supported Programs and Initiatives

Your contribution directly impacts our sisters through a variety of leadership development and educational programs.

These programs provide educational foundations and leadership development skills that are key in shaping our members to become confident leaders, philanthropists and real, strong women.

Real. Strong. Women.® Fund

When you give to the Real. Strong. Women. Fund, your gift will support the greatest needs of the Fraternity, making an immediate impact on our sisterhood and in the lives of sisters.=

Chapter consultant trainings

Giving to consultant training helps to prepare our chapter consultants to be “boots on the ground” leaders visiting chapters across the country.

Collegiate Growth Academy

When you give to Collegiate Growth Academy, you allow recruitment officers to develop a values-based recruitment experience for their chapters and to effectively manage the face-to-face “connectedness” between themselves and others.

Convention education

Giving to convention education helps provide programs to collegiate and alumnae members at convention that enhance members skills, knowledge and awareness of Alpha Chi Omega.


When you give to InTune, you're supporting a rotational program which allows sisters to connect on a deeper level, learning more about themselves and how individual dreams impact the chapter.

Leadership Academy

Giving to Leadership Academy helps create opportunities for newly elected chapter officers to develop confidence, leadership and courage at our premier weekend-long training in Indianapolis.

Let's Talk Love

When you give to Let’s Talk Love, you’re supporting a rotational program which educates members on dating violence, sexual assault and healthy relationships, helping collegians feel empowered to create healthy relationships of their own.


Giving to MyJourney creates an opportunity for our collegiate members to receive programming that will teach them life skills they can carry with them after college.


Risk management education

When you give to risk management education, you create an opportunity for members to learn valuable and useful skills related to reducing risk in their chapters and campus environments.

Support for domestic violence awareness

When you give to domestic violence awareness initiatives, you’re making an impact bigger than Alpha Chi Omega. You provide DVA materials to chapters and support to local women’s shelters through awarded grants.

Volunteer Summit

Giving to Volunteer Summit helps to create opportunities for our volunteers to gain new skills and training related to their roles within Alpha Chi Omega.

Women & Wisdom

When you give to Women & Wisdom, you’re supporting a network of sisters through a unique mentoring opportunity and events throughout the country.

Educational assistance grants

Giving to educational assistance grants helps provide need-based financial assistance to our collegiate and alumnae members pursuing higher education.

Member assistance grants

Giving to member assistance grants helps provide financial assistance to collegiate and alumnae member facing extreme hardships.


Giving to scholarships helps provide merit-based assistance to our collegiate and alumnae members pursuing higher education.

Support of the arts

Members have made artistic impacts throughout the history of Alpha Chi Omega, including our early member, Marian Nevins MacDowell (Zeta, New England). In the early 1900s, she and her composer husband dedicated their New Hampshire farm to creating a community “where artists could work in an ideal place in the stimulating company of peers.” That community is now known as MacDowell, located in the town of Petersborough.
Since its beginnings, Alpha Chi Omega has supported MacDowell’s Star Studio, which was built in 1911 using funds from Alpha Chi Omega. It was our first altruistic project.
The Foundation also supports Alpha Chi Omega fellowships in honor of Fay Barnaby Kent, a former national officer who first suggested MacDowell as a philanthropic pursuit. These fellowships are awarded to professional artists and writers seeking financial aid to study at MacDowell.


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