Foundation-supported Programs and Initiatives

Develop Real, Strong Women
Your contribution enhances the programming we're able to provide now and enables us to plan for the future needs of our members.
Programs that provide educational foundations and leadership development are key in shaping our members to become confident, curious and dedicated to creating positive realities for themselves and others.
In addition to endowed grants and scholarships, the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation funds a variety of leadership development and education programs run by Alpha Chi Omega on behalf of its members. These include:
  • MyJourney. This four-year membership experience guides collegiate members through their college career, connecting our values of wisdom, devotion and achievement to their real-life experiences.

  • Leadership Academy. This program brings chapter presidents and other executive officers from around the country together for a weekend of educational activities designed to enhance leadership and life skills.

  • REPRESENT REPRESENT educates chapters on living the Alpha Chi Omega brand and how to carry it out on campus and online.

  • InTune. Members use InTune to identify both personal and chapter values, set chapter goals and determine how to accomplish them.

  • Risk-management education. Our risk-management trainings provide collegiate members valuable information and procedures about the issues they may face. Trainings include our Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP), alongside those on our no-hazing policies, fire safety and crisis management.

  • Chapter consultant and volunteer trainings. Trainings for chapter consultants, advisors and other volunteers equip our women with the leadership and life skills to carry out their roles, and to ensure our chapters are receiving proper support and meaningful guidance.

  • Convention education. Biennial conventions are the largest gatherings of our members and leaders, making them the perfect event for special Foundation-funded educational programs to equip chapter leaders with the necessary skills and tools to share with their respective chapters.

  • Mentoring Program. In the fall of 2016, Alpha Chi Omega will launch an online mentoring pgoram designed to match collegians with alumnae. This initiative came fromour desire to create connections and provide meaningful, post-graduate relationships for all of our women—college-age and beyond.
  • Volunteer Summit. Operational volunteers, chapter advisors and province officers are brought together for specialized training, opportunities for intensive conversation and problem-solving discussions designed for our boots-on-the ground leadership. This concentrated training takes place biennially in off-convention years.
  • Global Service Initiatives. The Alpha Chi Omega collegiate Global Service Initiative combines direct service, global immersion and Alpha Chi Omega principles and values into one unique experience. 2016 marks the fifth annual collegiate trip, and the number of attendees doubled. While traveling with collegiate sisters from across the country, participants paint, build, rebuild and/or remodel areas and structures of need; experience local customs and cultures; connect the experience to their Alpha Chi Omega experience; and are forever changed by the opportunity.

  • Support for Domestic Violence Awareness. Domestic violence awareness remains the national altruism of the Fraternity, as it has been since 1992. This is a critical national issue, and Alpha Chi Omega is proud to provide resources to build awareness and knowledge among our collegiate women, alumnae and friends. Additionally, our collegiate women are proud to partner annually with local domestic violence organizations to raise funds and awareness for the cause through the Local Philanthropic Initiatives (LPI) program. In 2014-15, 97 collegiate and alumnae chapters raised over $622,000 through LPI to directly support 107 outside organizations. 
  • Support for the Arts. As musicians, our founders sought to instill arts appreciation and patronage in generations of members, establishing Alpha Chi Omega’s rich history with the arts. Your contribution allows us to extend this history.

Members have continued to make artistic impacts, including our early member, Marian Nevins MacDowell (Zeta, New England). In the early 1900s, she and her composer husband dedicated their New Hampshire farm to creating a community “where artists could work in an ideal place in the stimulating company of peers.” That community is now known as MacDowell Colony, located in the town of Petersborough.
Since its beginnings, Alpha Chi Omega has long supported the colony’s Star Studio, which was built in 1911 using funds from Alpha Chi Omega. It was our first altruistic project.
The Foundation also supports Alpha Chi Omega fellowships in honor of Fay Barnaby Kent, a former national officer who first suggested MacDowell Colony as a philanthropic pursuit. These fellowships are awarded to professional artists and writers seeking financial aid to study at the Colony.

Our education and leadership programs are not possible without your help. Please make a contribution now.
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