Your Gift's Impact

You have choices when it comes to where you give your money. Why not choose an organization that’s shaped you, supported you and guided you to be your better, most genuine self? When it's time to make a decision about donating, consider that contributing to Alpha Chi Omega allows you to:

give back
Giving to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation helps the sisters who have been by your side, while also supporting the missions and programs that make Alpha Chi Omega an organization for amazing, real, strong women.
  • You move us forward. Our work is never done. Your donation keeps us moving toward the future, developing new ways to continue to enhance the experiences of our members today and for generations to come.
  • You pool your contributions with like-minded women. Together, donations from you and your sisters come together to support your shared experiences and values. When combined, even the smallest donations are able to make a huge impact.
  • You help women in need. We all experience times of hardship. Your donations aid sisters facing financial struggles, life-altering events and educational costs.
  • You advance young minds, young talent and young leaders. We believe education is crucial.  Contributing to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation means playing a role in our future through the support of talented, strong women and potential leaders.
Give now to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation if you want to accomplish all this and more.
BE recognized
Allow us to publicly thank you for your contribution. Our annual report celebrates the myriad ways our donors’ gifts have enabled the Foundation to support the Fraternity’s programming, provide scholarships and grants to our members, and ensure a stronger future for Alpha Chi Omegas.

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