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2018-19 Chapter Consultant Application

Alpha Chi Omega’s chapter consultant program is an unparalleled professional opportunity for our real, strong women looking to make Alpha Chi Omega a part of their careers and gain unique experience that can be applied to any future endeavor.

Being a chapter consultant means building key professional skills like public speaking, time management, professional writing and communications—all while helping our collegiate members develop leadership skills and assisting collegiate chapters across the country achieve success.

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Complete job description and timeline for 2018-19 application process.

Consultants work with sisters of all backgrounds and from all levels of the organization—collegians, alumnae volunteers, professional staff and organization leaders. These women work independently and remotely, inspiring leadership and impacting the lives of those they work with. Chapter consultants are typically assigned to travel full-time or remain stationary in one location to provide continuous support to a new or established chapter. However, there are times the role is asked to fulfill a combination of travel and stationary support. 
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The Job

What can you expect as a year of being a chapter consultant? Lots of opportunities! Consultants regularly:

  • Travel to various college campuses
  • Build and maintain relationships with collegians, alumnae volunteers and university professionals
  • Meet with chapter officers to assess operations
  • Make presentations and facilitate chapter discussions
  • Train chapter officers and alumnae advisors
  • Assist chapters in complying with National Fraternity standards
  • Develop short-term and year-long action plans for chapters
  • Complete reports and administrative paperwork


Career Benefits

Being a chapter consultant is an amazing way to sharpen your professional skills and gain experience that will help you succeed in your professional life. Those skills include:

  • Project & budget management
  • Corporate reporting
  • Conflict resolution
  • Public speaking & group facilitation
  • Relationship management
  • Creative and analytical problem-solving
  • Independent decision-making
  • Interpersonal communication techniques
  • Marketing & event planning

Over the years, Alpha Chi Omega’s consultants have used their experiences as a consultant to launch careers in fields such as business consulting, education, event planning, fashion, finance, fundraising, healthcare, hospitality, human resources, information technology, insurance, legal, management, marketing, nonprofit, politics, public service, sales, student affairs, telecommunications.


Necessary Qualifications
  • An Alpha Chi Omega member in good standing, with experience working with Greek organizations or knowledge of fraternities
  • Strong analytical skills, sound judgment, critical thinking and decision-making ability
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking skills
  • Proficient skills in Microsoft Office and data entry
  • Experience in a leadership role
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Superior customer service
  • Strong commitment to the National Fraternity
  • Must be able to travel by air and car regularly


View complete job description.

APPLICATIONS DUE: December 1, 2017 at 11:59pm PST
Phone interviews: January 2018
In-Person interviews: March 2-4 
Offers extended: March 2018




These are just some of the benefits to being an Alpha Chi Omega chapter consultant:

  • Weekly salary
  • Paid vacation days
  • Medical and life insurance offerings
  • Laptop, cell phone and wireless hotspot for travel
  • Networking opportunities with alumnae across the country
  • Lifelong friendships created during travels
  • Opportunity to explore various parts of the country
  • A great foundation for serving as a volunteer for Alpha Chi Omega


Join Our Team
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Know someone who would make a great candidate? Use our convenient referral form and we'll reach out to the. If you have any questions, please contact Arianna Bradley, Associate Director of Consultant Training and Volunteer Support. 

words of wisdom from past chapter consultants

"This was the best first job I could have had coming out of college. The amount of vital transferrable skills that I have gained as a result of this position is innumerable and priceless!"  ~ Christine Licata, 2011-2012 consultant; Graduate Student

"While I traveled as a consultant, chapters across the country welcomed me with open arms and treated me like family. It’s an amazing feeling to have an instant connection with so many women because of our shared bond."  ~ Liza Pugliese Hallsten, 2010-2012 consultant; Military Child Education Coalition and Alpha Chi Omega volunteer

"I can honestly say that I have learned more about myself and grown more professionally in this position than I ever thought possible. Among all of the professional experience and skills that I gained, what I loved most about being a chapter consultant was the sisterhood. Being a consultant gave me the unique perspective on the scope of influence just one decision can make. Alpha Chi Omega has taught me more in friendship, leadership, and above all, life, and I am so thankful."  ~ Laura Urrutia, 2012-2013 consultant; Development Assistant, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

"To this day, I beam with pride when I see "my chapters" sharing success on social media. It is undeniable that my journey as a consultant multiplied my love for Alpha Chi Omega as I worked with, and learned from, our incredible sisters."  ~ Rachael Pazornick, 2012-2013 consultant; Program Associate, BBYO


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