Collegiate Awards

Our collegiate chapters make positive impacts on their schools and local communities through philanthropy and service, scholarship and leadership.

Members of Alpha Chi Omega are engaged students and volunteers, and are involved in various campus organizations.

Chapter Recognition
Whenever possible, Alpha Chi Omega likes to recognize outstanding chapters through annual awards celebrating their contributions, including:

  • National Council Trophy. For the collegiate chapter(s) best exemplifying the ideals and mission of Alpha Chi Omega.
  • Continuing Excellence Award. For chapters that sustain outstanding achievement in chapter programming, recruitment and retention of members, and have previously won the National Council Trophy.
  • Progress Award. For chapters demonstrating the most quantifiable progress and improvement during the year.  
  • Seeking the Heights Award. For outstanding achievement in various areas of chapter programming.
  • Advisory Board Award. For the advisory board or boards demonstrating the most effective leadership to a collegiate chapter or chapters.
  • Chapter Innovation Award. This award honors a specific chapter program or initiative that highlights innovation and creativity within the chapter.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Award. For the chapters who have a significant event or initiative in the area of diversity and inclusion, and participate in diversity and inclusion efforts on their campus.

Collegiate Member Recognition
The Estelle Leonard Outstanding Senior Award and The Amy DuBois Rieth Emerging Leader Award are given annually to recognize individual collegiate members. Additionally, Alpha Chi Omega acknowledges the excellent support given each year to our chapters by honoring an outstanding collegiate advisor and outstanding fraternity/sorority advisor.

Members may log in to read more about collegiate award applications.
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