Your Real. Strong. Women. Experience

Most collegians join a Greek organization to meet new people.

In Alpha Chi Omega, you’ll meet diverse women with unique goals and interests but also with a shared set of values. You’ll meet your biggest supporters, your confidantes and your best friends.

You’ll also learn about yourself. With the Real. Strong. Women. Experience, we promise to help you along your journey of becoming the best version of yourself. Through the programs we offer and the community built within your chapter, you’ll discover what wisdom, devotion and achievement mean to you and how you can have an impact on our Fraternity and our world.

In addition, Greek membership— especially in Alpha Chi Omega—offers a lifetime of benefits. While you will make new connections during your college years, there are also opportunities to grow and network after college, including alumnae events and volunteer roles, all presenting you with chances to develop lifelong friendships and inspiration.

All members are encouraged to be active, engaged sisters making the most of your experience. You’re part of an organization that’s initiated more than 275,000 women, meaning you have a wealth of wisdom and connections at your fingertips. In return, you will be able to provide new guidance to the next generation of Alpha Chi Omegas and carry the Real. Strong. Woman. Experience into the future!

Through the Real. Strong. Women. Experience,
Alpha Chi Omega cultivates impactful communities where women are inspired to connect, lead, grow and serve.
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