Each year of collegiate membership includes online and in-person programming aimed at helping you grow as a real, strong woman.

Here's an example of some of the programs collegians may experience:
Leadership Academy
Leadership Academy is Alpha Chi Omega's premiere training for chapter presidents and executive board officers. Held annually in January in Indianapolis, Indiana, the weekend training combines innovative learning sessions with sisterhood to inspire new officers when they return to their chapters. Sessions vary each year but often focus on areas such as action planning, values and ethics, decision-making, conflict management and facilitation skills.
As Alpha Chi Omega’s four-year membership program, MyJourney connects our core values of wisdom, devotion and achievement to the life experiences collegiate members face during each academic year of their college career. This program is peer- facilitated; sisters from the chapter facilitate discussions and conversations on everything from negotiation to leadership, philanthropy to relationships, finances and more.

The curriculum is intentionally divided into freshman, sophomore, junior and senior programs, recognizing that freshman women face different life issues than senior women. MyJourney also includes “Dedication,” Alpha Chi Omega’s new member education program, which teaches all new members the history, traditions and expectations of Alpha Chi Omega membership. 
One of four programs rotated among collegiate chapters each year, REPRESENT focuses on personal branding, and helps members understand how to be the best version of themselves and market that to others. In addition, it provides the opportunity to learn more about marketing the Alpha Chi Omega experience to others and how to create an action plan for doing so. The program helps reinforce the understanding that members are always representing themselves and Alpha Chi Omega.

One of four programs rotated among collegiate chapters each year, InTune is a retreat-like experience designed to help individual members create comfort with vulnerability, intentionally define their dreams and create steps toward achieving them. Participants leave with relevant life skills that may continue to be used in their future careers and relationships. The InTune curriculum is designed around a number of interactive activities based upon having vulnerable, action-based conversations and developing individual and chapter action plans.
Alcohol Skills Training Program 
ASTP is one of four programs rotated among collegiate chapters each year. The program motivates members to determine personally relevant reasons to change their attitudes and behavior toward drinking alcohol, and focuses on strategies for reducing risks associated with drinking for those who make the choice to drink. While ASTP recognizes the best way to avoid any negative consequences associated with drinking is abstaining, it also acknowledges that any progress toward reduced risks are steps in the right direction.

Social excellence Training
This training is a great opportunity for chapter officers to acquire new recruitment strategies and strengthen conversation skills, while learning how to create a values-based recruitment. This training is required for all vice presidents recruitment and recruitment advisors (or designated advisory board representative).
Global Service Initiative
Our Global Service Initiative combines direct service, global immersion, and Alpha Chi Omega principles and values into one unique experience. While traveling with sisters from across the country, participants will build, rebuild or remodel areas and structures of need; immerse themselves in local customs and cultures; connect the events to their Alpha Chi Omega experience; and be forever changed by the opportunity.
Domestic violence awareness education
On top of helping to support the philanthropic causes of our fellow Panhellenic organizations, Alpha Chi Omega members are dedicated to raising awareness and educating others about domestic violence. Alpha Chi Omega works to educate its own members, giving them tools to build their own healthy relationships, and to raise awareness of domestic violence by educating others on its impact and work being done to end it.

Risk-management education
Our Backstops approach to risk-management education helps members move from “you have to follow these rules” to “you can make smarter choices” for yourself and your sisters.

Our risk-management and healthy-living programming for chapters helps them with individual and group decision-making and increase overall safety in the chapter environment. While alcohol abuse is the most common risk-management issue on campuses nationwide, Alpha Chi Omega’s Backstops approach also addresses other risky behaviors:
  • Female bullying
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-respect
  • Hazing
View our risk management poster series in conjunction with Zeta Tau Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Nu
Programs with Purpose
These programs provide chapters a chance to refresh their activities and presentations while keeping programming consistent with Alpha Chi Omega's learning objectives for personal and chapter growth.
New programming is available each quarter so there's always an opportunity to try something new!

Programs are created in the areas of intellectual development, chapter management, developing relationships, member development, member responsibility, philanthropy and Ritual. Members may log in to review the complete Programs with Purpose directory.
Convention education
Our biennial conventions are our largest gathering of members and leaders. These events are a fun and exciting way to learn and network with sisters from across the country, as well as gain a newfound appreciation for the unique bonds made possible by Alpha Chi Omega. 
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