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In support of our national altruism, Alpha Chi Omega members are dedicated to raising awareness and educating others about domestic violence.
The 1992 Alpha Chi Omega National Convention marked the adoption of domestic violence awareness, an issue that affects people – and primarily women – all over the world, as our national philanthropy. Together, we work to fight against unhealthy relationships and build healthy relationships. Members serve individuals and families impacted by domestic violence through fundraising and sharing gifts of time and talent with shelters and other service-providing organizations. Alpha Chi Omega also works to empower its own members, giving them tools to build their own healthy relationships, and to raise awareness of domestic violence by educating others on its impact and work being done to end it.
As champions of change, our leadership around this issue is creating lasting impact in our local communities and the world. You can learn more about Alpha Chi Omega’s commitment to ending domestic violence by exploring the following resources, programs and partnerships available to our members:


DVAM is recognized nationally during the month of October. To fight against unhealthy relationships and build healthy relationships, Alpha Chi Omega headquarters provides a number of opportunities for members to highlight their service to individuals and families impacted by domestic violence, to educate themselves and others about healthy relationships, and to raise awareness of the cause. Headquarters also provides several promotional items (e.g., educational tabling boards, pass-it-on pens with hotline information, ribbons and decals) to members to raise awareness during tabling events, as well as an educational program or resource.
Get involved in Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2019! This year, Alpha Chi Omega will be focusing our education and awareness efforts on power, control and the journey toward safety. Here are some ways to get involved:
  1. Educate yourself and your sisters – download the It’s Never As Easy As “Just Leave’” program and facilitate a conversation about power, control and the journey toward safety with your chapter, your friends and/or in your community.
    1. It’s Never As Easy As “Just Leave” Collegiate Facilitation Guide
    2. It’s Never As Easy As “Just Leave” Alumnae Facilitation Guide
    3. It’s Never As Easy As “Just Leave” Participant Guide
  2. Paint the month purple online – change your social media account profiles to our awareness campaign graphics!
    1. Facebook Profile Picture Frame
    2. Facebook Cover Photo
    3. Phone Background
  3. Raise awareness – share educational information about recognizing domestic violence.
    1. Tabling Poster – Power and Control Wheel
    2. Tabling Poster – How to Support a Survivor
    3. Infographic – Why Don’t They “Just Leave”
  4. Start a discussion – discuss our October AXO Alumnae Book Club choice, Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, with sisters all over the world.
  5. Support your community – connect with your local nonprofit or shelter to see what their immediate needs are to support survivors within your local area!

The goal of Healthy Relationships Week is to foster the development of healthy relationships and, in turn, prevent domestic violence and sexual assault. The week traditionally focuses on encouraging individuals to define what love means to them through the Love Is… campaign. The week's programming is open to all members and includes promotional items sent to collegiate chapters, social media posts and an educational program or resource. Healthy Relationships Week is celebrated in the month of February around Valentine’s Day.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)
April is national Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To recognize this month, Alpha Chi Omega typically provides opportunities and digital resources for education and awareness initiatives focused on sexual assault prevention in partnership with RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) and It’s On Us as a Greek Leadership Council member organization. During this month, members also support the victims and survivors of sexual assault by wearing denim, creating a jean display or hosting an event on campus with educational information to promote awareness. 


Let’s Talk Love
Let's Talk Love is a program designed to educate members on dating violence, sexual assault and healthy relationships. This program is provided to each chapter once every four years and is facilitated by an Alpha Chi Omega volunteer. Learn More >

Not Anymore
Not Anymore is an engaging online program designed to educate members on sexual assault and relationship violence. Not Anymore is available to both collegiate and alumnae members and is incorporated into the new member education experience. Learn More >
Programs with Purpose
Programs with Purpose are ready-made programs (including facilitation guides and handouts) available for chapters to present to their members. They are built on learning objectives that help facilitate personal and chapter growth. Programs with Purpose not only focus on our values of wisdom, devotion and achievement, but also help women develop into strong Alpha Chi Omega members. Several of these programs have been developed to educate members on our national philanthropy. Programs related to domestic violence, sexual assault and healthy relationships include Talking About Domestic Violence Awareness, Evaluating Relationships 101, Healthy Dating Relationships, Let’s Get Clear on Consent, The Dynamics of Sexual Assault, Challenging Bystander Behavior and Decoding Digital Abuse.


Support a Sister Document
Alpha Chi Omega has created a resource with talking points for our members to help them feel prepared to respond to a sister or friend who chooses to disclose a sexual assault to them. This is a one-page resource sheet entitled “How to Respond and Support a Survivor” provides phrases and language that can be used when someone discloses an assault. There is also a space to provide local resources.
Domestic Violence Awareness Resource Guide
The DVA Resource Guide provides information, direction and educational programming to assist chapters in making domestic violence awareness an integral part of chapter life. The guide focuses on resources to learn, plan and act.


The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse 

The Allstate Foundation and Alpha Chi Omega are working together to end domestic violence. The Allstate Foundation provides support and educational materials for Alpha Chi Omega members. Additionally, the Allstate Foundation provides resources for chapters to raise money for local domestic violence shelters to further our impact in our communities.

The One Love Foundation
The One Love Foundation and Alpha Chi Omega have joined to help bring an end to relationship violence by educating, empowering and activating students in a movement for change on their campuses. The One Love Foundation provides educational information and tools for Alpha Chi Omega chapters across the country. Alpha Chi Omega uses these materials to promote healthy relationships within our chapters.  
RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)

Alpha Chi Omega partners with RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, to amplify and support RAINN’s work. RAINN equips Alpha Chi Omega with resources and materials to raise awareness of sexual violence. Work with RAINN primarily focuses on Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, and as part of our partnership, Alpha Chi Omega is working with RAINN to create educational webinars for alumnae members.

It’s On Us
Alpha Chi Omega is a member of the It’s On Us Greek Leadership Council, which brings together national fraternity and sorority leadership from across the country to shine a light on sexual assault prevention. The council will work to address internal policy changes to create an environment that supports survivors, as well as ensure there are strong education and engagement initiatives that empower their local chapters to change the culture on their own campuses.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Allison Summers, assistant director of education and leadership initiatives.
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