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The wellbeing of our members is a priority of Alpha Chi Omega. To this regard, we have teamed with Zeta Tau Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Nu to create a series of educational posters addressing ways members can reduce risks to themselves or others. Each one addresses a topic common on college and university campuses, like alcohol consumption and hazing prevention.

Distributed to chapters nationwide, the posters are intended to launch conversations among members about topics that may affect them, their friends and their campus community.
Relationship Behaviors Relationship Behaviors To coincide with April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month programming, we have partnered with the One Love Foundation in developing content to educate about signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Here is a resource to assist you in starting a conversation with your chapter regarding healthy relationships. One Love’s Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships Behaviors Explained provides information on the 10 signs of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship. 
Vaping is Smoking The winter 2018 poster educates about the misconceptions around health impacts of e-cigarettes, most recently referred to as JUULs. The poster and conversation guide explain that while vaping is safer than traditional cigarette smoking, e-cigarettes still contain nicotine which is highly addictive and has heath ramifications including lasting brain impacts such as nicotine addiction, mood disorders and permanent lowering of impulse control.
Vaping is Smoking Conversation Starter
Know Your ABVs Know Your ABVs The second fall 2018 poster educates on alcohol by volume (ABV). The poster and conversation guide explain that the standard measurement of the alcohol content of drinks is ABV. Alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and hard seltzer all have less than 15 percent average ABV making them safer options than hard alcohol as studies show drinks poured by students are typically stronger than standard drinks.
Know Your ABVs Conversation Starter
Hazing Prevention Education The fall 2018 poster focuses on the importance of understanding and recognizing types of hazing. Research shows that 55% of students experience hazing and a mere 5% claim those experiences as hazing. This poster and conversation starter serve as a reminder that it is important to treat sisters with respect and if activities or experiences can take away from a persons dignity or safety, those behaviors should be identified and prevented. 
Hazing Pevention Education Conversation Starter
Social Media Responsibility The winter 2018 poster reminds students that posts on social media are not private. With the constant creation of ways to communicate students are encouraged to think before they posts as posts can be easily saved and shared in the larger community. This poster and conversation guide reviews the importance of evaluating possible outcomes of posts and comments made in very public ways, like on social media. 
Social Media Responsibilitiy Conversation Starter
Know Your Pour The fall 2017 poster demonstrates the importance of knowing standard drink size. Often students over-pour alcohol and believe it is one drink when in fact it is often much more by standard drink size. This poster and conversation guide highlight the need for students to understand the strength of the alcohol, amount poured and time that passes between each standard drink.
Know Your Pour Conversation Starter
Anti-Hazing During the 2017 National Hazing Prevention Week all chapters received the hazing prevention poster and conversation starter document. The statistics provided on the poster demonstrates the pervasiveness of hazing and the responsibility that belongs to all to prevent it. 
Hazing Prevention Conversation Starter
Cocaine: It's Not a Party Drug  The spring 2017 poster addressed the dangers of cocaine use. The poster challenged students to think about if use is worth the ramifications. This poster and conversation starter addressed a prevalent topic effecting college campuses and many students.  
Cocaine: It's Not a Party Drug" Conversation Starter
Are you OK? The winter 2016 poster was created to remind members to ask “Are you ok?” and express their concern when they notice a friend exhibiting troublesome behaviors. Alpha Chi Omega wants to encourage members to reach out and be there for one another throughout the year.
Are you OK? A Conversation Starter
Getting Back to Zero This fall 2016 poster was designed to show that while many factors influence what it takes for an individual to reach a certain BAC, the amount of time needed to get back to ZERO is very constant and takes much more time than many students realize.
Getting Back to Zero Coversation Starter
Reporting Hazing Reporting Hazing This fall 2016 poster was created in conjunction with National Hazing Prevention Week, providing options and encouraging collegiate members to report hazing or other concerning behaviors in their chapter. 
Sexual Assault The spring 2016 poster serves as a reminder that the victim is never to blame for a sexual assault.
Mental Health Winter 2016 poster was created to remind members of the importance of checking in with others on how they are feeling and to simply be a friend when it comes to supporting the emotional well-being of others.
Social Norms Fall 2015 poster was designed to highlight the differences between men and women when consuming alcohol. 

Dr. Kilmer Abbreviated Program
These Hands Don't Haze
This poster was aimed at promoting the movement against hazing and challenging members to join the movement and share their story.
It's On US
Spring 2015 poster was designed to remind members that "It's on us" to stop sexual assualt and asks them to take the pledge to be part of the solution.
New Year New You
Winter 2015 poster was designed to remind members that they control the direction in which their future leads. 
Hazing Prevention
Fall 2014 poster addressed the positive aspects of sisterhood, one of which is not hazing.
Sexual Assault Prevention
Spring 2014 poster aimed to address consent, especially when a person has been drinking.
Reset Priorities
Winter 2014 poster was designed to have chapter members think of all the possibilities ahead of them as leaders.
Social Norms
Fall 2013 poster was an updated version of the popular 2012 Red Solo Cup poster, intended to define a standard drink and provide strategies for personal risk reduction. 
Know Your Pour
Spring 2013 poster gave tips for moderating drinking and reducing your personal risk.
Fall 2012 poster defined prevention and provided ways to keep yourself and your friends safe.
Red Solo Cup
Spring  2012 poster educates about what  is considered a standard  drink and teaches strategies  for personal risk reduction.
Red Solo Cup Poster Discussion Questions
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