National Hazing Prevention Week

SEPTEMBER 23-27, 2019

Hazing of any nature is a matter that Alpha Chi Omega takes seriously. Because of its long-lasting impact on those who may experience hazing, Alpha Chi Omega works to educate members throughout the year on what hazing is and how to prevent it.

How does Alpha Chi Omega define hazing?

Alpha Chi Omega does not condone unkind, undignified or humiliating activities.  No chapter, new member, student, alumna or volunteer shall engage in or permit hazing activities. Hazing is any reckless or intentional act that produces physical, mental, or emotional pain, discomfort, humiliation, embarrassment, or ridicule, regardless of a person’s willingness to participate, that is required or expected of a member and that is not related to the Fraternity’s mission. This includes any activity, whether it is presented as optional or required, that places a member in a position of servitude as a condition of membership.
Retaliation against any person who reports, is a witness to, or is involved with or cooperates in the investigation and adjudication of hazing is strictly prohibited.
Be aware of your state hazing laws. Visit to view a map to familiarize yourself with the laws in your state.

So, what does this actually mean?

Alpha Chi Omega interprets our hazing policy as any action or situation, with or without consent of the participants, which recklessly, intentionally or unintentionally endangers the mental, physical, academic health or safety of a member.
Be sure to check out our 50 hazing alternatives to create connections between members in healthy, safe and fun ways!

Supporting National Hazing Prevention Week:

In conjunction with, Alpha Chi Omega recognizes National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW), which asks campuses, schools, communities, organizations and individuals to come together and talk about hazing in their communities, raise awareness about the problem of hazing, educate others about hazing, and promote the prevention of hazing. Alpha Chi Omega is a continued sponsor of

Be on the lookout for future ways to get engage during the 2019 National Hazing Prevention Week! We will continue to feature prizes and opportunities to showcase your chapter on a national level. Listed below are a few things we did last year to show support during NHPW:

  • Participated in the 2018 Alpha Chi Omega NHPW banner contest by creating a banner demonstrating each chapter’s commitment to hazing prevention! Banners were photographed and posted on social media using the hashtag #RSWdonthaze. The winning banner was a featured tile on the home page of the Alpha Chi Omega website as well as included in the Carnation Quarterly e-newsletter and The Lyre magazine!
  • Participated in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter conversations surrounding hazing prevention using the hashtag #RSWdonthaze.
  • Updated profile pictures and cover photos on social media using provided graphics.
  • Engaged in chapter education by reviewing the fall 2018 hazing prevention education poster and conversation starter mailed to each chapter’s VP risk management. The poster and conversation starter can also be found here.
  • Downloaded the free 2018 Resource Guide offered by
  • Explored for more ideas.
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