Not Anymore

Not Anymore


Sexual assault is one of the biggest issues facing college campuses. As an organization, one of the core tenets of Alpha Chi Omega’s work with domestic violence awareness is our commitment to educating our members. Research suggests that a collegiate woman who has been a victim of sexual assault will talk to a peer/friend first, then a parent, then a trusted campus administrator/advisor/faculty member. This presents an opportunity to ensure that we’re providing our members, who may find themselves in the role of peer, friend or maybe even victim, necessary information about support and available resources. Our collegiate women have expressed a need for a more serious approach to education and resources, specifically regarding how to help a friend in need, how to support a sister and how to get her own questions answered. Alpha Chi Omega has partnered with Student Success to bring the Not Anymore program to our collegiate members.


What is Not Anymore?

Not Anymore is an engaging online program designed to educate members on sexual assault and relationship violence. It uses honest and compelling video tutorials to educate members and volunteers about consent, sexual assault, bystander intervention and healthy relationships.

Not Anymore Is:


Participants aren’t lectured to by experts or detached adults. Instead, they are engaged by their peers—young college women just like them who share their real stories in their own words to make vital connections about difficult topics.

Real and Relatable

Not Anymore’s videos teach lessons that are drawn from the real world; they are honest, down to earth and directly apply to the world of today’s college women.


Women aged 18-24 who are enrolled in college are three times more likely than women in general to suffer from sexual violence. It is likely that members and volunteers will know someone who will experience sexual assault during their time in college. Not Anymore is customized with nationally and campus-based resources to equip our members to get help for themselves or a friend.

Benefits of Not Anymore

Members who fully engage in the Not Anymore program will learn:
  • Sexual assault is not ever the survivor’s fault; only the perpetrator is to blame
  • Their bodies are their own, and sexual consent is theirs to give or withdraw at any time
  • How to reduce the risk of sexual assault as a bystander
  • How drugs and alcohol increase the risk of sexual assault
  • What to do if they or someone they know are the survivor of sexual assault
  • How to have healthy relationships and identify red flags in unhealthy relationships

If you have any questions regarding Not Anymore, please visit or email Madison Smith, education and leadership initiatives coordinator.
Ready to check out the program?

Click here to participate in Not Anymore.
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