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REPRESENT | InTune | ASTP | Let's Talk Love


REPRESENT is designed to be a chapter conversation focused on the concept of personal and chapter branding. Attendees will explore how individuals begin to know, like and trust an individual or group based on what they stand for from a brand perspective. In addition, it provides the opportunity to practice communication skills through recognizing the responsibility each individual has to impact the world with intention.


  • Understand the impact a brand has on the way we act and are known, liked and trusted by others
  • Distinguish the differences between intent and impact in our actions and conversations
  • Define the interaction between a personal brand and that of groups to which we belong
  • Develop a commitment for marketing your chapter and Alpha Chi Omega experience to others 

Please contact the education and leadership initiatives team, with any questions.


InTune is designed to be a chapter-wide program to help members create comfort with vulnerability and to determine how their priorities are influenced by and contribute to those of Alpha Chi Omega. The progression of learning and activities in this program is based on Alpha Chi Omega’s values of wisdom, devotion and achievement. In this program, wisdom refers to chapter members understanding their priorities, devotion is the development of a strong chapter, and achievement is the acknowledgment and understanding that individuals and chapters have the ability to create positive change and understand how it impacts the entire organization.


  • Articulate the importance of vulnerability as an individual and as members within a group
  • Create individual priorities for building upon individual dreams
  • Illustrate how their individual and chapter’s growth are strengthened by Alpha Chi Omega
  • Distinguish a member’s responsibility to enact change in chapter growth
  • Examine the power of an individual in positive change and legacy building

Please contact the education and leadership initiatives team, with any questions.

Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP)

The Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) is an interactive alcohol program acknowledging that college students drink and focusing on evidence-based experiences to encourage steps toward reduced risks. The goal of ASTP is to educate students about alcohol-related behavior while increasing students’ interest in critically examining their drinking patterns and eventually implementing the skills they learn.

As a result of participating in ASTP, Members will:

  • Identify Alpha Chi Omega’s backstops
  • Define a standard drink
  • Evaluate their personal use of alcohol
  • Describe how alcohol affects the body at various levels of consumption
  • Explain factors that influence blood alcohol level (BAL)
  • Identify risk-reduction strategies for alcohol consumption
  • Identify ways to change their current pattern of alcohol use

Please contact Emily Rose Jacobsen, director or harm reduction, with any questions. 

Let’s Talk Love

Let’s Talk Love is a program designed to educate members on dating violence, sexual assault and healthy relationships. The program helps participants understand the warning signs of unhealthy relationships and how to be a supportive friend. In addition, it provides the opportunity to discuss healthy relationships so members can feel empowered to create healthy relationships of their own in the future.

As a result of participating in let’s talk love, members will:

  • Identify the warning signs of unhealthy relationships
  • Articulate supportive language to be used during survivor response
  • Define the components of a healthy relationship
  • Evaluate their own relationships
  • Acknowledge tools to create healthy relationships in the future

Please contact the education and leadership initiatives team, with any questions.

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