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The Heights Learning Center

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The Heights Learning Center is where Alpha Chi Omegas go to learn. Here, you’ll find everything from executive board officer training to soft-skills development and everything in between. These trainings are designed with you in mind and feature engaging, interactive and impactful content to ensure your success.
Each training found on The Heights will challenge you to engage with the content and test your knowledge through a variety of learning activities and interaction. Trainings are intentionally crafted to be between 5-8 minutes long and accessible via computer, phone or tablet. This will allow you to learn when your schedule allows – be it sitting at your computer at 8 a.m., walking to class at 2 p.m. or when you need a late-night study break at 2 a.m.

The Heights Learning Center Content Directory


The training, Intro to The Heights Learning Center, has been developed to introduce you to The Heights Learning Center, Alpha Chi Omega’s learning management system. The Heights is where members can experience more than 100 unique learning opportunities ranging from position-related trainings to new member trainings to power skills trainings. Before you log into The Heights, you will need to take the Intro training. This will allow you access to all the other great trainings that are available!  


Why was The Heights created?

The Heights Learning Center was created to advance our efforts in providing engaging and relevant learning content to our members in a fashion that meets their needs. By offering on-demand-style learning, we are able to boost the reach of our training and learning opportunities to better engage Alpha Chi Omega adult learners.

Who is The Heights for?

At this time, this learning center has educational content for all collegiate chapter executive board officers, new members and volunteers.

Why do I need to go to The Heights?

The Heights has more than 100 trainings to set you up for success as a new member or collegiate chapter officer.

What are the expectations for completing my assigned trainings? (Do I have to do this?)

In order to be prepared for success in your officer role or membership in Alpha Chi Omega, the expectation is that you complete your assigned trainings via The Heights. Not all trainings that appear on The Heights will be assigned – some will be offered as optional, supplemental trainings.

How do I know what training I am supposed to take?

Based on your officer role or if you’re a new member, you will be automatically enrolled in the appropriate trainings. When you log in to The Heights, you should see all available content that pertains to your role. You can access trainings either via your Learning Center or by browsing the Content Catalog – both of which are accessible via the red buttons on the top menu bar.

Who from my chapter is responsible for the management of this process for us?

As The Heights is a learning management system, your VP intellectual development and VP new member education will be responsible for the management and follow-up for your chapter. They will be receiving additional information and resources about how best to support your members through the training process. To get started, check out the Chapter Administrator Guide.

Will there ever be content for anyone other than collegiate chapter officers, new members and volunteers?

Alpha Chi Omega is always looking for ways to seek the heights for all members and this learning center will be no different! Stay tuned for what we have in store!

Who do I contact if I have challenges signing in or if I forgot my password to the website? What if I have other questions?

No problem! Simply contact us at if you are having trouble signing-in, need a password reset for the website or have additional questions, and we’ll be happy to help!

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