Health & Safety

We know our members can’t have a positive membership experience if chapters don’t have a secure space to call their own. This means Alpha Chi Omega adopts policies and the latest technologies to make sure our members live in healthy, safe environments.

Chapter houses are smoke-, drug- and alcohol-free. In addition, we’re a no-hazing organization, with strict policies against actions or activities that could be construed as an act of hazing. For the comfort of all sisters, male visiting hours are confined to certain times and certain parts of the facility.
Through the years, chapters have been working to install sprinkler systems, outdoor security lighting, external security cameras, handicap amenities and fingerprint lock or keypad systems for the ultimate security. Our chapters also have routine mechanical, electrical, fire and health inspections on a regular basis.
In the end, safety begins with our members. That’s why we’ve developed strong risk-management education programs to teach personal safety and procedures.
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