As expected with any place you call home, living in an Alpha Chi Omega facility does include some responsibilities. These are set in place to ensure the safety of you and your sisters – always a priority! In addition, they make sure our chapter houses remain great places to live, not only for you but also for the future Alpha Chi Omega women who will call it home.
Pearl Stone Partners, LLC employs professional house directors at most facilities. These employees offer some services to the house, but collegians are in charge of planning and managing the budget, planning the menu, handling conflicts, planning activities, and overseeing the overall health and happiness of the chapter and the facility. Learn more about the professional house director position here.
To make the most of the membership experience and share in these responsibilities, Alpha Chi Omega requires members to live in their house at some point during college. This is a chance to make your mark on your chapter, bonding with sisters and taking part in maintaining the house. Out-of-house members also contribute to the chapter’s financial cost to help keep the house and chapter healthy.
Living in the house is a valuable learning experience. It’s also a great way to transition from your childhood home to your first real world home post-graduation.
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