Process of Joining

Like other member-based organizations, Alpha Chi Omega welcomes new members we believe would have happy and rewarding experiences.


We determine this by seeking women of diverse backgrounds and interests who share our standards of academic development, good character, financial responsibility, leadership ability and personal development.

There are two ways collegiate women may join Alpha Chi Omega. Since our organization is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference, our member recruitment process follows NPC guidelines.

Formal recruitment

We recruit most of our new members through the formal recruitment process at colleges and universities where we have chapters.

Continuous open bidding

We also recruit new members through a process called continuous open bidding (COB). This is when we spend time getting to know prospective Alpha Chi Omegas in informal settings, like philanthropic events or campus activities.
Overall, membership in Alpha Chi Omega is mutual. Our recruitment processes helps us get to know women we think might be a good fit, while prospective members get to learn more about us and decide if we’re the organization for them. It’s important for both sides to feel like we’re a good match.
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