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We’re always interested in learning about campuses where women want the Alpha Chi Omega experience.


As one of 26 members of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), we follow its rules for expanding to new campuses. On campuses with sororities, the campus Panhellenic council must first vote to add a new sorority, then review proposals and choose the organization that best fits the campus.

On a campus without existing sororities, we work directly with the college or university. When there are no chapters or just one chapter on a campus, we defer to the NPC Manual of Information, which states, “On campuses where there is one or no NPC fraternity and where the administration is willing to recognize women’s fraternities, a letter from a senior level student affairs administrator shall constitute the proper authority.” However, “The NPC Extension Committee is the proper authority on campuses where there is one or no NPC fraternity and the college administration does not grant recognition to women’s fraternities but does not discipline students for joining.”

Factors we consider as we contemplate creating a new chapter include:
  • The number of women involved in fraternal organizations and the level of participation in those organizations.
  • The number of women interested in the Greek experience.
  • Housing availability or requirements.
  • Alumnae members in the area who would support a collegiate chapter in their community.
  • For more information, contact Darcey O'Bryhim, director of collegiate growth.

Starting an Alumnae Chapter

Click here to learn more about starting an alumnae chapter!
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