Once you’ve decided to pursue Greek life, it can be daunting to choose from all of your options.

There are many Greek and women’s organizations out there, so why should you consider Alpha Chi Omega?

Our members are diverse, talented women who help make our organization unique and authentic. Here's why they chose Alpha Chi.

Ashley Twigg (Alpha Chi, Butler University) - Going through recruitment my first year was one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to Butler. Alpha Chi has given me leadership opportunities and pushed me out of my comfort zone, both of which allowed me to grow and become the best version of myself over the past three years. It has also introduced me to some of the most encouraging, supporting and loving friends who I know will be in my life for many years to come

Angela Marsella (Iota Chi, Middle Tennesse State University) - Alpha Chi has taught me that no matter the obstacle I am a real, strong woman.

Allison Stumpf & Caroline Patterson (Alpha Upsilon, The University of Alabama) - Alpha Chi Omega has changed both of our lives since the first day we stepped through those giant front doors on Ice Water Tea. From that day on, every person we’ve met and every memory we’ve made has been something that we will remember and cherish for the rest of our lives. Here at Alpha Chi, you will not only find lifelong friends, but you will find girls who truly love and care for each other, girls who will encourage you to grow and learn every single day. Each one of us has found our home here at Alpha Chi, and we hope that each of you feel the same way during recruitment.

Kaitlin Kinsey (Delta Kappa, Sam Houston State University) - I have gotten to grow so much in leadership, something I never saw in myself before Alpha Chi Omega.

Alex Terasavage (Delta, Allegheny College) - I went Alpha Chi because of the bond these women share with each other. Every night I went back to Alpha Chi, I felt more and more at home. I knew I wanted to go Alpha Chi after philanthropy night. Being able to watch the sisters talk about service with so much heart really sealed the deal for me! You could tell how much these women loved working together. The work they do with women’s services is so inspiring. I can’t even begin to describe how much these real, strong women mean to me! Being a part of the bond is something so special.

Julia Shaughnessy (Delta Mu, University of Massachusetts) – Because it not only helped me to find my voice, but encourages me always to use it.

Here are some more of our favorites.

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Jamie Burch (Delta Epsilon, Southeast Missouri State University) – Because my sisters were in my wedding and are now “aunts” to my children. The bonds are for LIFE.

Kristin Austin (Theta Psi, Columbia University) – Because even living on the other side of the world my sisters are still my best friends!

Rachel Porting (Zeta Sigma, Missouri State University) - It brought me friendships that continue to support and challenge me as an alumna.

Alison Baker (Alpha Omicron, The Ohio State University) - I’ve become a sister of a nationwide alumnae network.

Because there are so many reasons for #WhyAlphaChi...

Sirra RosaƱa Anderson (Delta Omicron, Portland State University) - I chose Alpha Chi because of how real, diverse and fun these women were. My sisters are so supportive and I’m thankful every day I had the chance to meet these incredible women.
Hannah Goodrich (Iota Nu, University of California San Diego) – AXΩ gave me opportunities for friendship and leadership I wouldn’t have found anywhere else!
Taylor Moran (Gamma Tau, Oklahoma City University) - I love Alpha Chi with all of my heart. It has become a safe haven for me to go when I need somewhere to feel supported. This sisterhood has helped me grow so much as a person and a leader, and I am so eternally grateful for all of the strong women that have helped me along the way. I have nothing but fond memories from the past two years of my membership in Alpha Chi, and I cannot wait to make so many more.
Liz Hannan (Epsilon, University of Southern California) – Because my sisters encourage me to pursue my ambitions and offer unwavering support in all my pursuits.
Mackenzie Srp (Alpha Eta, University of Mount Union) - I joined because I wanted to meet a lot of people that valued giving back as much as I did. Not only did I find that, but I found so many loving and caring friends that I know would have my back through anything. Last semester with these girls was so much fun, and I can’t wait to see what is to come in the future with my Alpha Chi girls.
Baylee Ireland (Alpha Kappa, University of Oregon) - Alpha Chi Omega has brought out the real, strong woman that already existed inside of me.
Jada Cardwell (Kappa Rho, University of North Carolina at Charlotte) – Alpha Chi has taught me invaluable life skills, given me the opportunity to make forever friendships, and allowed me to find the confidence to be a real, strong woman that values success and learns from hardships.
Emily Ina (Alpha Eta, University of Mount Union) – Because it gave me the courage to seek new heights and study abroad next semester!

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