Congressional Relations

CHIA—Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act

While many nonprofit organizations benefit from accepting tax-deductible donations, current law prohibits donations to fraternities and sororities for housing improvements from falling into that category. As a result, Greek organizations, including Alpha Chi Omega’s National Housing Corporation, can struggle to raise funds for much-needed facility improvements.
Housing corporations often rely on donations for both cosmetic and structural issues. These can include replacing inefficient heating and cooling systems, replacing roofs and siding, installation of landscaping and more.
Alpha Chi Omega is dedicated to ensuring our members live in safe, secure and well-maintained houses. That’s why for more than a decade we’ve worked with our fellow sororities and fraternities to educate Congress on why these charitable gifts are important.

So far, advocacy efforts have not been successful. But the fight continues! If you’d like to help advocate the passing of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA), inform your Senator or Representative about the issue by visiting Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee

Fraternal Government Relations Coalition - 2017 Booklet
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