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Since 1885, the members of Alpha Chi Omega have held wisdom, devotion and achievement in the highest regard.

With respect to our heritage, the leaders of Alpha Chi Omega must keep an eye on the future while acknowledging the ever-changing needs of our members and prospective members.  

Clarification on previous statement
November 13, 2015

For our members asking for clarification on yesterday's statement, Alpha Chi Omega has not and will not endorse the Safe Campus Act nor the Fair Campus Act without substantive victim-centered changes.
Alpha Chi Omega is looking for legislation that is victim-centered and has the support of the higher education community and victims' advocacy groups. As a leader in NPC and in the area of domestic violence awareness, we take our role very seriously and believe collaboration is the best way to advance victim-centered legislation.
We are committed to the conversation and finding solutions that will ensure our members and all collegians have the choices and resources they need as victims of sexual assault.

Alpha Chi Omega Confirms Dedication to Preventing Sexual AssAult, Supporting Members and Victims and NPC Collaboration

November 12, 2015

For more than two decades, Alpha Chi Omega has committed itself to addressing domestic violence in its many forms, and our collegiate and alumnae chapters across the country work closely with local shelters, university women's centers, and other panhellenic groups to combat the issue. The safety and well-being of our members, and our longstanding dedication to ending domestic violence and sexual assault, are the core of our campus and community engagement.

The status quo concerning sexual assault on our college campuses is unacceptable. In July 2015, two pieces of legislation were introduced to Alpha Chi Omega and the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) community. We anticipate that the proposed legislation, along with a bill introduced in the Senate, mark first steps of an extended legislative process that will undergo many revisions before coming to a vote.

Alpha Chi Omega maintains that sexual assault should not be a political, partisan issue. We are encouraged that the supporters of both the House and the Senate bills are now collaborating to find common ground solutions to make our campuses safer.
Alpha Chi Omega has and will continue to advocate for victim-centered legislation that protects the rights of Greek organizations and also has the support of victim advocacy groups and the higher education community. 

Alpha Chi Omega values its NPC membership and the many benefits that membership provides to our campuses, college and alumnae panhellenic associations, and individual members. We appreciate our members who have contacted the national organization with your thoughts on this critical issue. We are proud that Alpha Chi Omega, its members, and NPC, the largest women’s organization in the country, are at the table to influence legislation on a topic so close to our hearts. Alpha Chi Omega remains unwavering in our support of the victims of this pervasive crime.
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