Real. Strong. Women.

Discover Alpha Chi Omega's initiative to honor the real, strong women within our sisterhood.

Learn more about the Real. Strong. Women. of Distinction Award

Alpha Chi Omega provides the programs, initiatives and opportunities that help each of our members grow to be the best version of herself. As an organization serving women, including those who live and identify as women, we see the potential in each of our members—the real, strong version of the woman she is meant to be.

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The programs we’ve created provide a supportive community, full of leadership opportunities, scholarship goals and empowerment to engage in the ideas and issues that affect all women.

Each builds on the previous, providing Alpha Chis with a continual education—one that understands that what you learn outside of the classroom can be as important to your growth as what you learn inside the classroom.

The real, strong woman is what we aim to help Alpha Chi Omegas become in their four years of college and beyond. It’s what we’re most proud of, and the outcome we’re committed to creating for each member.

So, explore what you have in store as a real, strong woman. Take a look at the ways to get involved as a volunteer, in your community or with domestic violence awareness. Give back to the programs that make real, strong women possible. Find out more about the alumnae experience and see what is in store for Alpha Chis after college.

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