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Three boards and one staff focused on our members

Alpha Chi Omega is directed by both volunteer leaders and a paid professional staff who work from our Indianapolis headquarters.
We are currently accepting nominations for several national leadership positions for collegians and alumnae. Click here to learn about these new opportunities:

Our staff—most of whom are Alpha Chi Omega sisters—oversee the daily operations of our organization. Volunteer leaders are involved in the larger picture of our organization and its national goals. Both groups are dedicated to you, our members, and creating a meaningful Alpha Chi Omega experience.
Our organization is comprised of three corporations, each with its own board of directors that follows a governance model of leadership. Together, they create the enterprise, working collaboratively to seek the heights. These corporations are:
  • Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity, Inc., the original and primary organization governed by an elected volunteer board called the National Council.
  • Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation that raises, manages and grants funds that support Alpha Chi Omega’s educational and philanthropic endeavors. The Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised of a mix of elected and appointed members, as well as those who serve by virtue of another position. For example, at the end of her term, the National President of the Fraternity will serve for one year on the Foundation Board of Trustees.
  • Alpha Chi Omega National Housing Corporation, a not-for-profit corporation, owns and operates some of our chapters’ facilities, and provides support services for houses owned by campus-specific entities. The National Housing Corporation Board of Directors consists of an ex-officio National Council member and members appointed by the National Council.
Are you planning an event and would like a national representative from the Enterprise to attend? Please use our convenient online form to request a national guest. Someone from headquarters staff will contact you within seven business days.

National Housing Corporation Board of Directors

DUE MARCH 31, 2017
The all-volunteer Alpha Chi Omega National Housing Corporation Board of Directors provides the strategic vision for the NHC to accomplish its mission of promoting, supporting and developing appropriate, desirable and safe housing to enhance the Alpha Chi Omega experience. The NHC accomplishes this with strategic partnerships with universities, vendors and local house corporations. Interested alumnae should have experience in board governance, real estate, property oversight and management, legal and finance.
Interested alumnae may submit a letter of interest and resume to Billi Carson, Associate Director of Executive Operations. Mailed submissions should be sent to the attention of Billi Carson and postmarked no later than March 31, 2017.

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